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Family Archives Vlad Topalov

My acquaintance with the drug was easy.I do not have placed on them.No one urged on, "Go on, try it, you'll like it!" Just when Smash !!struck fame, everybody wanted to see us with Lazarev in his company.And in many nightclubs drugs, they say, are on the menu.I then knocked fifteen Sergei was two and a half years older, and maybe that's why - wiser.He resisted the temptation, I - no.

I came to the club tired, thinking to escape after half an hour home, lay down to sleep.And then I turned up ecstasy tablet.I held her in the palm and told himself: "It's not even a drug with once nothing will happen."Finally I swallowed, and I covered a surge of energy that I walked all night.

And then rolled.I slowly and surely sank to the bottom.He became angry and irritable.I could explode at the slightest pretext.Relationships with people spoil the blue.Immunity has fallen to zero.Common cold was tied for a month.During the performance began to cough, like an old man.

One night, awakened by a terrible pain.Every m

oment was getting worse.It seemed - end.So terrible was.I called the "fast".She came surprisingly quickly.The doctor examined me, understood and shook his head:

- This kidney is necessary to the hospital.

- I live now, I can not!

- If the kidneys fail, no shows will not.There will be nothing at all.

At the hospital, pumped painkillers, I fell asleep.When he came, he sat on a chair next to my mother.

Her eyes immediately filled with tears.

- Vlad, it is because of drugs, right?Please, I beg you, throw them.After all, you could die today.And how can I, Dad?

I ran a hand through her wet cheek:

- Do not cry, I'm back ...

I have often heard about himself: "Yes, he is born with a golden spoon in his mouth!" It is understood that Ifather - a prominent businessman, owner of a private law firm.Yes, and a musician in the past.And because, they say, I can always count on the strong financial support.And anyway, lucky.

in the family archives Vlad Topalov all and it is not so.Yes, he's really been happy, but there were days when the feeling of loneliness and uselessness closest people served from the head.But the pain is given to us in order to acutely feel the happiness.

These swing probably is life ...

My parents met at the bus stop.My mother, a student of History and Archives Institute, hiding from the heavy rain.Papa ran past and offered her his coat.We can say, thanks to the rain, I was born.

They were a beautiful couple, but very different: the daddy - the military, tough, very collected.He worked in the Directorate of the Interior Ministry personnel.Mom - creative nature, addicting different "advanced" ideas.

We lived in a tiny "kopeck piece" near the metro station "Novoslobodskaya".In the evenings she jammed a lot of parents friends.Dad, because all his youth was associated with music - he graduated from the School of Music, as a student, he played professionally in a rock band, "The Fourth Dimension" was familiar with many famous musicians and artists.Despite the difference in age, he was friends with Alexander Lazarev and Svetlana Nemolyaeva.

They always put it in the example of his son.Shura Lazarev just seven years younger than my father.And they became friends.When I was born, Shura became my godfather.And it is not formal: it is seriously interested in what happens in my life, attitude is very warm, he spoke and taught wits.We still communicate.

In three years I, and only beloved child, survived the first serious shock.Once in the house made a whimpering bundle.

- It's your little sister - my mother said.- Look, what a beauty.

sister I did not like:

- But where beauty?Her wrinkled face!

Now mom all day revolved around this eternally dissatisfied doll.I am terribly jealous, inventing different ways to get rid of it.First I wanted to pull down the toilet - I was caught when I was carrying Alink to the toilet.Trying to throw it in the garbage disposal, too, failed - the parents were on the alert.It seemed to me that my sister stole their love.I demanded attention sought him in all possible ways: capricious, brawled, fought."Crown room" was a hit in the stomach with his head.To get the guests, the doctors in the clinic, even just passers-by.Since then, the family behind me the reputation of "a difficult child."

my Mom rapidly perishable nature of not very frightened.She had her own ideas about raising children and have been assured that all aligned as soon as the son grows up.So I got used to take care of my little sister, she wrote us Alink in children's ensemble "Hurry."I was five, Aline - two.I quickly made himself at home, he became a soloist.But my mother's idea "to make friends" my sister has not worked.When Alina grew up, our hatred became mutual.Adults over the threshold - we are in a fight.Nowhere us apart there was nowhere lived in one room, where there was a bunk bed.Every evening, fought for more prestigious top shelf.In the end, the parents got sick and they suggested schedule: when and who is sleeping upstairs.Now, two weeks there, I was blissfully happy, two - sister.

In the early nineties, our lives began to change.After the coup, his father, who at that time was already in the rank of major, resigned from the Interior Ministry and went into business, which is very successful.There were money, and my mother decided that my sister and I have to get educated in England.I was nine, Alina - six.We do not want in any England.But my mother was adamant: "No language is now nowhere."

British school or praise or criticize the last word.The truth, as usual, somewhere in between.Not paradise, of course, but not a "Dickensian" nightmare, where children eke out a meager existence and subjected to beatings.

Our school is in the neighborhood of Leeds was surrounded by a high fence.At one end of the court - the female body in another - men.The huge bedrooms for eight people were bunk beds.In English I knew only thank you and goodbye.It was not enough to communicate with the guys.That's when I realized that my sister - my native people.However, orders in the school were strict.We met only in the classroom, to be exact - at recess.They are giving up on each other's neck.Separation from parents, especially my mother, and my sister, and I have experienced very hard.At night, when neighbors showered, I cried and asked, staring at the dark ceiling, "Mom, please, take me away!And Alina too.We will no longer fight.Just get us! »

But my mother did not appear, entrusting us to care who lived in Leeds kuratorsha-Englishwoman.Apparently, the parents thought that their arrival will prevent us adapt.

in parallel classes, I found a Russian boy.And then he stuck to it.Yegor already spoke fluent English and, taking pity on the unfortunate compatriot, took me under his wing.But I still continued to yearn for parents and one new friend persuaded to run.The plan was this: to get to the city, to find my kuratorsha and call from her parents - let fly immediately.I was sure that they do not know how we here bad.

We managed to get through the gates of the school and go two hundred meters.And then the school caretaker caught up with the fugitives on the car ... We had a noticeable form: gray trousers and bright red jackets.It is easy to see from afar.Embark on a journey in such clothes would be like to escape from US prison prisoner in an orange robe.But is nine years think about it?

director threatened to expel us from school, if we keep trying to escape.On that Yegor said: "Take from me this bore.I can not see more crying Topalov.He's all my fault! »

So I because of a stupid escape lost only friend.But our adventure was not quite meaningless.Teachers have reported my mother about my offense.And at the end of the school year, taking us to Moscow on vacation, she said: "You will study more.I'll think of something".

Alink We were happy farewell, hateful prison!But in August mom again started to gather us to England.She did not want to abandon the idea to give their children a classical British education.And even the Pope could not convince her.

- I spoke with Vlad, their curriculum is lagging behind the Russian.Especially in mathematics.

- Vlad never liked math - stubbornly stood his mother.- And you know perfectly well he humanist to the core.He needed overall development.- It can easily get it here.

- In England, the children will learn horsemanship and good manners.Vlad the way, is the most important thing, you know yourself, what his character.

- He is your character - the father replied.- Mood changes every five minutes.

- But he is kind!- Mom snapped.

Previously, we have never heard that parents raised each other's voice.But now the quarrel became commonplace.And they talk constantly floated a female name - Marina.

- She's my secretary and assistant - my mother's father argued.

- That's why you spend more time with her than with your family?- Urged on mom.

- I love you, I love children.Work hard, do my best to you in no need!

- I, too, could work, but for the family, for you remained a housewife!

- You're a woman.

- And she - who, working unit?

- Tanya, stop!

With his father happened what often happens with successful, wealthy man.They inevitably become the hunted.At each step of pursuing the girl, ready for anything, to arrange their own destiny.Few resist the temptation ... The father was no exception.Especially since he was left to himself: my mother, frightened of my depression and the flight of the first school, and now lived with us for a long time in England.

in Harrogate us with her sister liked.Alinka always gave studies, and I had a first love.

Charlotte studied in parallel classes and did not pay any attention to me.To Russian at school in general were treated as second-class citizens.However, not only Russian, but not all Englishmen: the Koreans, the Japanese, the Italians.I told one friend that is in love, and he advised: "Write a note.If you find that you do not like it, at least you will not worry in vain. "

And then I wrote Charlotte, I love her and do not know what to do ...

Handed message during the break.A lesson I was shaking.And then the bell rang and I saw Charlotte.She smiled at me!

We started to correspond.Strolling together at recess.Once, sitting nearby, silent and suddenly touched each other's knees.I blushed and pulled away.Later came a note: "Why do you not speak to me?" - "I was afraid you were offended.You, too, was silent. "

Meanwhile, my friends are proud to share their "victory": all have had to kiss a girl named Dzhousi.Not to be a black sheep, I too kissed her.But I did not like it.

At the end of the year my mother said:

- Pope rights.If you are going to stay in England, still at least a year, you will never be able to catch up with their peers in Russia.You need to finish school or here, or return to Moscow.Choose.

- Home!Home!- In one voice cried out we Alink.

Indeed, the language I learned in three years, and the rest returned to Albion fool.There were in the sixth grade division of fractions, and here already extracted square roots.I do not know how to approach them and.We had every day to stay on extra classes in algebra, geometry, Russian ... Joy, of course, was not enough.

But much worse was different.When we were leaving Alina in England, we had a family, and when they returned, it almost was not.

scold parents every day.It was enough to spark to scandal.My mother suffered from cheating his father, but also was not in debt.At the end of her life there was another man, and she went to him.

My sister and I were so tired of the scandals that, having learned about the divorce, breathed a sigh of relief.The true scale of the disaster has befallen us is not immediately opened.Parents did, they thought sensibly: Share of children.My mother believed that her son must be male education, and left me father.A sister took with him.I'm friends with Alinka for the years spent in England.And now again I lost her and her mother.Mom stopped me completely engaged.We hardly saw each other, sometimes just talked on the phone:

- Vladyush, how are you doing?

- Good.

- How to study?

- OK.

's all communication.The pope, too, was always busy, and he was not up to me.

«Loneliness as a tenant entered into our former home."I will write this later on another occasion, but these feelings are there, from that time.

I could not shake the feeling of abandonment.Offended by their parents, but gradually got used to and I even started to like this kind of life: no control, do what you want.Now I for weeks or even months did not call my mom and have fun with friends.The closest of them was Sergei Lazarev.He then has studied acting at the Moscow Art Theater School and has been for me an indisputable authority.What would then between us no matter what happens, I loved him and will always love him as a brother, as a native person.