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Marilyn Monroe's beauty secrets

Her name was Norma Jeane Mortensen (Marilyn Monroe), she was born on 01/06/1926 in Los Angeles.Her childhood was spent in foster care.The rate for the first time in 16 years married.And then the photographer asked her to act as a model for the magazine "Radio Plain," she agreed, and began her career as model.After the film studio 20th Century Fox offered work rate of Statistics.And in the 20 years she has changed her name to Marilyn Monroe's nickname, played a few bit parts in the movies, and then her career has soared up.

What is the secret of beauty and success of Marilyn Monroe?
Meanwhile, she was weak, touching, sweet, cold and at the same time, and the fatal temptress.She was talented and very smart.It condemned, hated and loved.Perhaps there was no such person in the world who would be indifferent to her person.I could not resist her charms and the American president John F. Kennedy.

Women all over the world, clarified hair, as did Marilyn Monroe, dressed as well as she did, in the same bright

red painted lips.Women copied gait, gestures and facial expressions blond goddess, trying to make her look the drama and naivete.

To this day, Marilyn Monroe inspires fashion designers, artists, musicians, poets and writers to create their own creations.

Secret constituent beauty
The story of Marilyn Monroe came as a "cutie" with platinum, adorable hair, but few people know that the merit of hairdressers.The actress real hair color was brown.In its 17 years, she quickly realized that men prefer blondes, brunettes than, and dyed her hair for the first time.This gold color made it very attractive.

recently been elevated to unravel the mysteries of her chest.And the thing was that her bra was a special design, which gave the chest "sticking out" look.

Many have tried to take over the wave gait Marilyn, but she was so personal that her envious finally resigned to the fact that it is impossible to repeat.On this occasion, there were many versions of why she went.One version is that she goes because her one leg shorter than the other, and to hide it, she learned to walk.According to another version, the alleged Marilyn on one of his shoes rasp heel while walking to shake your hips more.

very charm of Marilyn Monroe could not resist the formulation.She had often in life, like to imitate their sexual readiness, but she went never looked.She teetered on the brink of an innocent sensuality and mild surprise.

Marilyn Monroe own unique style - gestures, movements, facial expressions, behavior style, developed by training over the years.Until now, the image of Marilyn Monroe, copy the stars of show business and occasionally appear in it.

Marilyn had beauty secrets, how to care for skin and body.She never specifically sunbathing, although in California, it was very popular.She did not feel attractive and healthy tanned skin, and prefer their light.Marilyn always moisturize the skin, moisturizing means preferring the company Nivea.To skin remains longer young, she used daily anti-wrinkle cream.A skin was always on the face clean and to prevent redness, washed it is not less than fifteen times per day.

prefer Chanel №5 spirits and these spirits all the time embody Marilyn Monroe and the smell of sex, which she loved.

Her body was divine and had a curvy shape.But Marilyn knew she needed every day to work on it to save it.It was the standard of beauty of 50 years, with the growth of 162 cm, weight about 56 kilograms, the parameters of the figure she had 92-60-92.

to in this form as long as possible, Marilyn at least 10 minutes a day for sports, stuck with the special diet.She had never visited the gym, she did not have time for this.

Marilyn each morning after the morning toilet, took dumbbells, barbells weighed 5 pounds each.I lay down on the rug beside the bed and proceeded to a fairly simple exercise, which focused on developing the pectoral muscles and other muscles to keep the body in good shape.

Breakfast it was very unusual.She took a cup of hot milk and splits to 2 raw eggs, mix them and then quickly drank.For her, it was a useful and nutritious breakfast, made in haste.

By lunchtime Monroe ate roasted piece of meat with 4 or 5 carrots.A piece of liver, lamb chops or steak for dinner, she chose the nearest market or supermarket.

of the evening, when I went home, Marilyn bought popsicles to whom she could not resist.

We learned about Marilyn Monroe's beauty secrets as it strives for perfection.No matter what diet she sat always aspired to be always on top, Marilyn made to never stop.And we wish you the same.

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