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Diana Dorozhkina real name

Diana soon your birthday.What kind of gifts waiting for?

I think the best gift for me would be a trip to the sun, the sea - where warm and where you can see and learn a lot of new and interesting.

Do you like exotic vacation?

I love to relax in Palm Beach - I somehow pulls this place on the globe.But in general really relax I began only this year - before many, many years, almost all of my trips around the world have been linked with the job.

Yes, about your performance is legendary.Really you can not at least a few days to go somewhere, not thinking about work?

I really want to learn.

my life for many years reminds marathon, so now I want to just try to be happy, to enjoy the rest, learn to relax completely.To beach rest not only the body but the idea is not to return to work.I think that those who are engaged in their own business, or just a lot of work, I understand - sometimes we drive ourselves to the point where cease to notice the basic pleasures of life.

seems that now you want to ch
ange something in your life?

Yes, this year I have a lot to change.I felt it a few years ago - you know how the animals feel the changes in nature.This confirmed my misgivings even astrologer - I will not say that I communicate with him often, but sometimes it is interesting.So 2010 will be a turning point for me.I think there will be something important, very good, maybe what I had feared, but now it is getting closer, and I believe it is really bright and positive.

You have intrigued ...

I myself intrigued by no less!I guess now I have a moment comes reappraisal, when you start to perceive very different events, people, situations in which you find yourself.And what you would like to change in your life?After all, from the think everything in it is perfect - you are beautiful, successful, you have a wonderful family ...

Well, no wonder they say - nothing ventured, nothing gained.Of course, I risked life, but always very carefully.And 10 years was afraid to cross the brink of something familiar and the unknown.I think now is the time to start life, if not from scratch, then the new perception of it.Maybe here it is also about magic numbers - in my life because so much due to the triplets, I was born on April 30 in my address and number of machines also have three, the numbers 2010, "add up to 3 numbers in my age willmultiples of three ...

Diana, can not make you a compliment: Looks great!Do you have any beauty secrets and keeping in shape?

No special secrets.The morning begins with pineapple fresh juice.Just opened my eyes, and in front of me is already a big cup ... That's great, in this regard I have developed megalomania.Yet, despite the fact that I'm not blonde, I have ... pink dumbbells!In the morning I wave to them a little, well, or to twist the hoop - but it is all in between phone calls and domestic concerns.I love good hair care - shampoos, conditioners, masks often make fragrant.And I love quality creams - do not forget to use them in the evening and morning.

A simple folk remedies you use?

There are some simple but effective recipes - for example, the pulp of aloe perfectly soothes irritated or inflamed skin.Good frozen teas of chamomile, celandine, marigold - the morning of the herbal ice cubes is very refreshing and tighten the skin.And if you want to wake up rested and happy, you can add a pillow cushion rose petals, juniper chips, twigs of lavender - at night you will envelop the fragrance that gives maximum relaxation.And be sure to ventilate the bedroom before going to bed.And what was the most valuable advice in your life?

Once upon a time at the airport, I saw a woman, from which just could not look away.She did not have perfect features and forms of 90-60-90, but was so much positive and pleasant that it would enjoy.

I was so impressed that the courage, approached her and said that she was very beautiful that comes from her like a light ... "My girl, do you think, how old I am?" - She asked.I called the number and difficulty mistake ... 20 years In fact, she was about 60.

Probably your next question was: "How do you do it?"

Yes."What is it - genetics, you are using some unique makeup, you know the secret of eternal youth?" And she said that life tries to notice only the good and to think only positive.And when talking with people, trying to find in them the best and most beautiful.And if she had to overcome some difficult situation, it is to conclude from this and advised their daughters, granddaughters, girlfriends in future to avoid such difficulties.So she literally was the bearer of light, positive, good information.And the more she gave, the more of the light to return to it.

And you followed her experience?

I think the secret of my success is largely dependent on a positive perception of life.But I worked a lot on it - and the more efforts are being made, the better I felt.You have to believe that everything will be fine, strive for it, surround yourself with positive people.And all the bad neutralized as in fairy tales!

A diet to adhere?

I try not to eat after six, but for some reason it turns out that at this time most want!Once I lost weight on blood group, and very successful, but it was not easy.Now I try to force myself not to eat muffins.And I can easily give up the cake, but from an ordinary loaf of fresh - no ...

In general, if you want to lose weight much, you need to eat certain foods at intervals no more frequently than once every 4 days.If the body is constantly receiving the same type of products, then it stops producing the necessary enzymes.

What's your favorite meal?

I love pumpkin, especially pumpkin soup.White fish, sometimes - pilaf.Drink herbal teas.Chocolate I have an allergy, but if you really want to buy the pharmacy hematogen.A very good recipe, which I "hooked" - avocado with red salted fish.Elementary: Cut the avocados in half, took out a bone and you eat it with a spoon, seizing fish.If on potatoes and bananas are fattening, the avocado and fish give the body a very valuable fats.And the skin - just wonderful!

And what SPA-procedures like?

incredible love massage.Touching woman likes to be touched.Another great pleasure to go to Jordan to the Dead Sea.I did not swim, and there can wander through the water without fear of drowning.In addition, it is very beneficial to the skin, not for nothing that Sophia Loren several times a year go to the Dead Sea and extends it a full course of SPA-procedures.It is for me - the embodiment of the true woman.For many

you also ideal!What kind of women's weakness affords?

Sometimes I lain all day in bed (although this is rare).With nothing to do with lots of pillows, nice sentimental film and a plate of delicious fruits.Unfortunately, I can not in large quantities strawberries, but you can break away from the cherries, peaches, watermelons, melons.But it is important to have seasonal fruits.

Diana, and how to spoil?

I love to get out to the Crimea in the spring.Aroma first flowers mixed with the smell of the sea - it is something amazing.When you sit on the terrace or the pier, wrapped in a warm blanket, and just about anything not to think.

Beauty Secrets

If you want to lose weight - eat certain foods at intervals no more frequently than once every four days.And the best, very useful for the skin recipe - avocado with red fish.This is a little piece of happiness, relaxation, which allows you to come to their senses a bit, catch your breath from the frenzied rhythm.

In general, I was very influenced by the flavors - not for nothing that we are now preparing to release a line of perfume from the fashion house of Diana Dorozhkina.

it will be for fragrances?

Always fresh, with notes of white watermelon, tuberose, lily, herbal freshness.I create them with a very famous French perfumer, one of the best in the world, he has worked for many brands.The first version of the fragrance will be called D. Dream.By the way, for America and Europe is the name I have registered my name as a brand - we are faced with the fact that the West is difficult to say much Dorozhkina name.

Diana, perfume will be sold not only in Ukraine but also in the West?

Yes, in Palm Beach, I have a boutique, there is a possibility of sales in Cannes.It remains only to overcome the crisis, and then run the sale of all countries and continents.

You are guided on the tastes and preferences of the residents of the country, which will host your show or sell your clothes?

Always!Every my collection I do, based on the mentality of the country in which the food: all various addictions, its dimensional mesh.

What distinguishes your way of Ukrainian women by American and Europeans?

Ukrainka love to adorn themselves.It is at the level of genetics.Ukrainian woman can not afford to go out with ill-considered details of clothes, no make-up.Europeans belong to this philosophically, are more important than the convenience and right, stylish simplicity.

What American?

America great, and the New York collection is very different from what I am preparing to Miami or Los Angeles.Hollywood - is the pathos, glow, there's a lot of kitsch.Miami - always bright bright colors, lots of light, lots of flowing natural fabrics ... all for solar, ocean theme!Washington is demanding more rigorous, minimalist feed, clear lines.

There are some simple but really effective recipes for beauty.For example, the pulp of aloe soothe irritation well and frozen herbal teas is very refreshing and tighten the skin.In Moscow, the features - day wear there is very different from evening dresses for a variety of inspirational events and parties.But with all this collection, which I presented on January 7 Cannes on the Christmas show, I'm taking in Moscow, with only minor modifications - there it would be great to look at and read.

Diana, and with its own way like to experiment?

14 years ago, I decided to try the color - make it lighter strands.But, first, I was very resistant pigment, and secondly, I simply do not recognize themselves in the mirror.I went to the hairdresser and hair cut ... a "hedgehog."With short hair, I really liked her husband, he often wondered when I hair cut again.Of course, anything can happen in life, but as long as I do not want either to get a haircut or hair color change.I realized that I could not be a blonde, just do not feel it myself - I'm incorrigible brunette.

Diana, you're ready for a change.But what of their future plans would like to exercise in the first place?

I really want to rebuild the schedule.I have long been lying untouched subscription to the sports club, I want in the end, do yoga.And in general I want to give yourself more time.Of course, I will continue to do, to work, but without forgetting yourself.I also want to communicate more with friends and girlfriends, devote more time to his daughter.In general, the need to correct accents.

And yet ... It is important that after the successful shows, moments of euphoria, happiness, when after the applause, flowers and compliments coming devastation and probably loneliness with you was the one who fill you with tenderness and care.

Diana, who is for you a man?

My 12 year old daughter Dasha - very positive, incredibly typical man, who, based on their youth maximalism, tells me everything she comes into her head.

She and my chief critic.Who else ... you know, let it remain a mystery ... In fact every real woman should be a mystery!

Dorozhkina Diana, whose real name nobody knows very lucky in life, because all she can - and do your favorite job and take care of yourself.