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Dream Interpretation: What dream of potatoes

There are a few basic dreams about potatoes

will deal individually, because sometimes even almost identical two sleep can be quite different in meaning.And so, if:

  • If you just dreamed of potatoes, which lies on a table in a basket, in boxes or somewhere else, it means that you expect a change.Moreover, some properties, opinions differ, but the majority still believes these changes positive.
  • dreamed dig potatoes - your hard work and persistence will bring the long-awaited positive result, but you have to work hard.Most likely, at the moment, you're busy with something at work, perhaps expecting some result.Remember that their future must be addressed, patience and persistence.Also, a dream can mean a quick intimacy with your partner, you are a long time sought.
  • see big potatoes in a dream - in the future you will definitely be a success and a good profit.Large potatoes in a dream and fortune means that you are sure to come some time later.It may not necessarily be associated with material goods.Ma
    ybe you will discover something new, for example, find a hobby, which later will become your favorite work or organize a business.
  • dreamed small potatoes - in the near future, things you went wrong.Or reduce wages, or be deprived of bonuses.And may involve any additional costs, for example to repair a car or apartment.
  • What if you have seen the potatoes in a dream?

  • see in a dream potato tubers - as in the case of claim 1 await changes.But here we have in mind a more profound change, and not always positive.For example, moving to another city, change of job, marriage, love or losing money, losing in the casino.All that can greatly affect your life in the future.
  • Kushan potatoes in a dream - get material benefits in a few days or weeks.The benefit will not be too large, comparable, as a rule, your average wages.This does not mean that money will fall on your head, chances are you will find some part time or receive the prize for his work.
  • saw rotten potatoes - we can expect health problems.Often they are associated with the musculoskeletal system.Possible injury or pain in the neck, back, back pain, joint problems.We recommend to make the prevention of these diseases, consult a doctor.If we ignore this interpretation, it is possible to incur a whole bunch of these diseases.
  • dreams, as the potatoes are cooking - so you're currently working on by something that will benefit you in the future.It can be a project at work, who will pay for, and maybe preparing for the wedding of a loved one.

How to interpret a dream in which a vision of the potatoes?

In conclusion we note that the dreams of potatoes in most cases, is directed to the preparation of material or moral benefits.However, the potato itself and is work that must be applied to achieve these goals.In a minority of cases described above, it can mean all sorts of difficulties that you encounter.But do not raise panic, it is best to carefully consider what might be the problem and not to go to losses and damaged health.