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Basically, to dream horse - a favorable sign.In dream books, however, it may be treated differently.Many attribute the appearance of horses with the intimate side of life of the dreamer, someone says about material success, others - with a life and a family.Let's try to summarize the information from dream books and determine what dream horse examples of dreams.

Why dream of a horse?

What awaits you if dreamed of a horse?

  • beautiful and well-groomed horse in your dream will bring good luck in personal affairs and work.If you are an artist, wait for inspiration;
  • thin and haggard horse tells us about the deterioration of affairs, both in the family and at work;
  • black horse in a dream - a harbinger of future losses.Often they are associated with the family.It's not about the illness or death, but rather about the quarrels that could lead to a parting;
  • decorated with ribbons mount is quick job change.From this will be neither better nor worse;
  • dead horse is ambiguous.Some downers argue that it is a bad sign that foret
    ells the dreamer the bad news, losses or even ruin.Other downers interpret it quite differently.It is believed that the sign of this kind, and in the future people will break "a big winner."Among other things, the duration time will be accompanied by good luck in all things;

    What does it mean to see the horse in a dream?

  • if she hobbled - is a sign that your surroundings are present detractors, gossip, and I wish you evil.It is recommended to avoid close while friendly contacts with colleagues;
  • when you're in the saddle - a good sign.Succeed on their professional career;
  • ride a horse riding - dreamer expect startling successes in all spheres of life;
  • if in a dream to ride a horse at a rapid pace, so in a very short period of time will achieve excellence in business, sports or creative, but you need to be strong to try not to fall back;
  • when the fall out of the saddle or she bucks, you know you're on the road to success, but offers considerable difficulties.If you deal with them, you get the desired result;
  • talk in a dream with a horse, so beware of the negative things that you bring to others.This often acts or utterances of the dreamer, which will not be supported by the others, or they will not understand at all;
  • shooting from a horse saddle - a sign that you are too high value.Often, your own estimation is far from the evaluation of others.In fact, you are less important to them than yourself think;

    What a dream horse?

  • dream horse in water - very soon be able to realize a long plany.Vse above applies to both men and women, but for the latter, the very archetype of this animal appears as something sexy, courageous and strong.

Often such dreams, in addition to the traditional interpretation, and reporting of intimate desires of women.For example, if the dreams which featured horse frequent, clearly there is a problem in the intimate life.It is recommended to have a regular sexual partner.If the girl has a boyfriend or a husband, then she does not have enough of him affection, attention.Perhaps even that he does not satisfy her sexually.