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Why dream of bears?

What dreams bear different people

young girl who saw that his dream is likely to soon get married.And her choice will be a model of courage.

Man can also see a bear in a dream.But in this case it means that inside him struggling between good and evil.So, what direction it will take, it depends on personal choice and the opinions of others will not be able to influence it.

Interpretation of Dreams, which featured a bear.

married woman should beware of such a dream.Perhaps it pays too little attention to the man and soon learns of a rival.But if in time to take action, the unfortunate incident would not happen.

run away from a bear in a dream means that you need to beware of evil designs of enemies.Perhaps you will be offered to participate in any project with a dubious reputation.Be careful and analyze the situation so as not to fall into the trap.

If a young girl dreams that she is hiding from the bear, in reality she does not like a fan, and it tends to hide from his rudeness and bad courtship.

Forward bear represents a dangerous enemy, whi

ch will be difficult to win.Worst of all, if you manage to grab a predator.In such a case, wait for the inevitable disappointments and financial losses that would be very difficult to cover.

If you remove the bears, which you feed, it is a favorable omen.Your enemies will reconsider its stance and eventually become your allies.

What if you saw a bear in a dream?

Interpretation of Dreams from a variety of dream-books

Miller believes that the dream means that you are striving to prove to everyone around that you are the leader.By the way speaking, your perseverance and innate intelligence to help convince others of it.

Wang adhere to a completely different opinion.In her dream book bear is perceived as a symbol of anger and malice.After such a dream try to avoid social events, as you are unlikely to avoid the conflict and as a result your situation will only get worse.

Freud believed that the bear symbolizes the dream to achieve reciprocity from the object of his sympathy.However, being too pushy and rude is not necessary, since this line of conduct will only aggravate the situation.Try to behave mildly and then you will succeed quickly.

Lofa believes that sleep a bear shows that you have a negative attitude towards those who are weaker than you, or the morale of the situation.You should slightly soften its arrogance, as it threatens the loss of colleagues and friends location.Also Lofa dream book describes the dream as a dismissive attitude to people with disabilities.Take a look at the man on the other hand, because the external flaws do not mean mental or moral deformity.

What if you dream a lot of bears?

many bears around can dream to conflicting situations in life.You will have to make difficult choices, and once and for all to determine what is really important: money, family relations or power.Only then will you be able to achieve success, and eventually - and develop other spheres of life, which turned out to have no priority at the moment.