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Why dream of a kiss.

In the dream, you repeatedly kissed

If you dream showered gentle or passionate kisses, in real life, be prepared for the warm welcome that was expected for a long time.If a man sees a dream, be willing to sacrifice their free time for a business meeting.

dream in which you kiss a guy

For girls, this dream can mean one thing - in real life is not enough male affection and care, but because the subconscious mind and tries to answer in this way.If you dream you kissed particular man associated with your romance, the dream means that it is constantly filled with thoughts of you, to break off relations remain incomplete, and energy links are still valid.

If the man dreamed in a dream that his kissing another young man, there is no reason to worry immediately about their orientation.Perhaps now you have a tense moment in life is not enough to support families.It makes sense to take a vacation and get away from everyday problems.

Interpretation of Dreams in which you are with someone kissing.

In the dream girl kisses

in your dream girl kissing a girl or are you

one of them?Rather, it means that it is necessary to pay attention to femininity, to develop a sense of gentleness and patience.Sleep where you kiss a girl friend, interpreted as jealousy on her part, be sure to look at the words and deeds of this man.

Men are such dreams say that their present life is not the one that truly loves and is going through.If you meet someone, a girl in my life just playing lovers.Think about it.

Man kissing another

This is a bad dream.Prepare to survive treason.Optional betrayal loved one, it could be someone from friends or relatives.If you want to avoid trouble, it is better to tell the dream water.Just open the tap and let the jet into the bathroom while she runs, tell a dream and at the end say the phrase "where sleep there and the water."

In the dream kisses Head

It is not necessary to associate a kiss in a dream with the love of his boss.Typically, this dream signifies a hard time in the labor force.All the thoughts and efforts will be focused solely on work and on chores and leisure time with the family will not.

What do kiss in a dream?

kiss with a stranger guy

dream books in a dream is interpreted as a harbinger of sudden changes.Life changes can be anything.Did you move or change jobs, meet interesting people, etc.In any case, this dream does not carry anything wrong, you can not survive.

Had a kiss from her husband

dream in which you kiss with her own husband, meaning that in reality in your relationship lacks sensuality and romance, all ate the life and routine.Pay attention to communication, make the novelty and emotions.If you dream kiss happened with the former spouse, it is probably someone of you have not yet extinguished ember of love.

Based on interpretations of these dreams, kiss, usually foretells events in the vast personal front or changes in your future.By the dreams we have to be careful, however, beginning to better analyze their reality.Be absolutely calm and sweet sleep!

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