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Why dream of a pregnancy?

According to the women themselves, often in a dream that means the approach of the state and in reality.Moreover, it does not necessarily see themselves pregnant.Sometimes the news you can tell in a dream other people, complete strangers.In this case it is better to check their guesses.If they are not confirmed, it is necessary to look for another explanation of sleep.

Dream Miller

young girl can dream about their own pregnancy for the upcoming offensive or humiliation.For a woman, ready to get married, this dream can be a kind of warning: the marriage will fail, and the children - disobedient.

If the sleeping woman, and in fact is in the delicate position - that the dream is a very good sign.It means that the actual position will be uneventful, and labor will be successful and will not challenge the health of mother and baby.

What if in a dream you were pregnant?

Dreams Lofa

According to the teachings of the psychologist, there are several options of what pregnancy dreams:

  • maturation and a new level of development.That is a
    girl who wants to become pregnant in the distant future, but has no such intention at this time, can begin to actively develop the creativity and the ability to analyze events.
  • for a young girl who has just started to grow, the dream marks the final transition to adulthood.
  • if you have a regular sexual partner, but plans to have a child does not have such a dream may simply reflect the stage of your menstrual cycle.If you own pregnancy dreamed during the critical days, this dream can mean future problems.
  • sometimes dream about this situation, and to men.In this case, his subconscious says he doubts his courage and ability to procreate.In psychological terms this is explained by the fact that a man strives to do more than allow his current capacity.

What does a dream in which you

Dreams Freud

According to this psychologist, the girl dream about pregnancy promises speedy accomplishment of this event in reality.If a man had a dream about a woman waiting for a child, it means that he is psychologically ready to become a father and wants to get a baby with his partner.

Other downers lead several interpretations of the various options:

  • girl is not pregnant reality, sees that giving birth in a dream boy, it means that it is waiting for the successful completion of the company started.
  • see yourself in a dream with a big belly, for example, at 5 months, promises a significant increase in well-being and prosperity.And the man, too, can see himself with a big belly.In addition to monetary success, this dream promises improved social status.
  • Pregnancy in a dream can also mean a new beginning, success in business and windfall profits.
  • If you dream that you give birth, and do not know the sex of the child, you can expect difficulties in the finalization of the case.But the onset of labor and contractions mean that you will find a way out of this difficult situation.
  • Often, dreams that the child is pushed.Then you should pay more attention to their work and to be more responsible.
  • Feel fight in a dream can mean the approach of health problems.But if you already suffer from any disease, the dreamed fights indicate that treatment will yield positive results.

What does it mean if the dream dreamed childbirth?

Analyze your dreams, to adapt them to real life situations, as they often displaying our hidden psychological problems and interpret what he saw in a dream not worth literally.