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Riddle last sleep.

Even in Russia there are many beliefs associated with these pictures of holy men.One of them says that if you break the image, it will be seven years of misery and disease.In other omens said that the icon - a faithful guardian of the home from evil spirits and demons, mentor in difficult situations and when the doctor ailments.Many people have experienced similar beliefs to themselves and realize that they have the truth.The same applies to dreams, because they serve as a kind of transmitter of messages from the other world.As a rule, is what dreams icon - a sure sign of the changes in life.The most important thing to remember in what form it appeared in your dream.Let us know what changes we can expect.

To dream of saints - what could it mean?

First you need to restore the image of sleep.If you see bright and joyful images of saints, this marks a pleasant event associated with your family.Be prepared for the fact that your plans will soon be realized that disturbing the disease will retreat, you wil

l have more friends and well-wishers.Usually these dreams come to mind positive people whose kindness and compassion - not an empty phrase.

How to understand that the future promises to you, if you dreamed of an icon?

see the image of the Virgin is a sign of prosperity, happiness and the birth of a new life.Many interpreters, it is also a symbol of love and pure thoughts of man.

dream books also states that if the dream of an icon in a beautiful and elegant frame, the financial well-being of the dreamer is much better.According to the girls dream symbolizes the fateful meeting or get married.Men after this dream should be prepared to make important decisions.

Analyzing the frame or window notifies that for a long time you are overtaken by financial difficulties, possibly even poverty.Downers also say that it is a sure harbinger of discord in the family and among friends.In order to effect the sleep was not reflected in your life, go to church, and put a candle for your family well-being and understanding.

Find the icon in your sleep - what to expect?

This is a very auspicious sign, symbolizing happiness and prosperity.You will forget about their sorrows and ailments.Family relationships will give warmth and joy.

accept a gift holy image, it means that your environment is a man who wishes you only good and does everything possible to make you live better.

lose dream icon means that you are a victim of gossip and intrigue.You seem to have lost its energy security and become disarmed.Also, be on the alert, within three months after such dreams, your body will be unable to resist various illnesses, take care of your health.Try in this period more than positive thinking and often do good deeds.Thus, you will be able to protect themselves as much as possible from the negative effects of sleep.

What to expect in the future, if you see the icon in the dream?

Based on these interpretations, it is clear that the images of the saints are in his sleep on purpose.It harbingers of a positive development, a warning about the troubles, illnesses and misfortunes.It will be superfluous to remember that the good and bright people only dream about good things, which, in turn, draws in real life only joy.Let this time, you will dream of a beautiful and clean icon, bearing the good and happiness.

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