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What dream vehicle?

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Prisnivshiysyadevushke transport will mean the subtle body.In order to understand what imennosulit dreamed transport, need to pay special attention to its okras.Esli vehicle in which you are moving in a dream, the white is a good sign.But the most positive sign will transport the gold, silver color or one that glows.

By types can raspredelittransport such species.Snowmobile - a vehicle which ustupaetpeshaya walk.Accordingly, the flow of information says that vyispolzuete perfect body.Such transport is still possible to carry bicycles, cars and planes, other.


car carries the dreamer life changes.It can bytpriyatnaya road trip, traveling and so on.If you had a large number of cars, they can mean new jobs, as well as related care kotoryeprinosyat dreamer lot of trouble and doubt.But do not worry, veddelo bring their dividends and profits.

If the fair sex snyatsyastarye machine, you best beware novovoznikshih contradictions srazlichnymi enemies and foes.

girl who prisnitsyapokupka new car can enjoy the beginning of a new business.

If you saw yourself for rulemnovogo cars, it will bring you new opportunities and goals come true.

girls should remember they were driving in a car with or without a companion.Because in the case of the companion must be followed by events that will bring stability in the relationship.If you are with someone not zaladilosobschenie, but now everything has variable.

When the dream girl viditsebya and how she gets out, she should take care of oneself from troubles.Abyt thrown on the go - it's all bad news.Be careful iberegite both life and wealth.

When you see the fleet in the bustling city, this dream can be interpreted kaknedolgy and a temporary break with friends or companions.

Seeing a girl who dream edetochen quickly and at the same time sees the finish line can be interpreted as osobuyuostorozhnost and vigilance on the part of the dreamer in real life.

When you first arrived kfinishu, you will be able to achieve their plans and leave everyone behind him (the enemy, enemies, competitors, etc.).

Dame feels in sneza driving ace, you can give advice to not be so arrogant in real life.Etoznachit that in real life you have inflated egos.If you hotitedostich any results, then listen to the opinions of others and to life popytaytesposmotret someone else's eyes and on including.Learn trezvootsenivat situation.

girl passing snekrutoy in turn, will have to undergo a big obstacle.Hurdle vozniknetv only later, but you need to collect all the power, otherwise you will not be able to nimupravitsya.

Ladies, rejoice.Only in Snøhvit may dream that you are in a car accident while neyavlyaetes its originator.By the way, the dream will mean favorable resheniedela or turn of events, which will help solve all the targets set.And if it was a foreign car in the crash, the unforeseen financial difficulties at hand.

girls confronted vosne on his car with another vehicle, dreams can bring difficulties confrontation competition intensified the fight against it.

extreme caution nuzhnootnestis to bed where you got under the car, he promises trouble large-scale mountain.

Repairing cars - efforts that bring painful experiences.


If you, dear ladies, had a boat, then be prepared for what awaits you ride and what myrazberemsya species.Also, the boat suggests motivating force and will power that you have to show in this segment of your life.

young ladies kotorymprisnilsya boat floating on the waves at high speed, it is necessary to reflect ANFO, that means striving for an elusive goal that can be compared spopytkoy takeoff boats.When you have seen in a dream just a sailing boat on the river, you can gather in an ambulance trip countryside.Well, if you have ipokatalis on this boat, the upcoming event will give you a great kolichestvovpechatleny that will leave a strong imprint of the track and joy.Generally, videniekatera floating on the river - is in itself represents adventure and travel.

pokupkukatera To dream, you want a long time, it is the possibility of some nepriyatnyhsobyty.Because there may be some problems.You need proyavitvnimatelnost and caution.

Women who prisnilosdva boats who were not able to separate the waves, you need to think seriously about his case.Do not chase two hares at once, the atoms will not catch any.

buying expensive boat -your thoughtless actions can be costly to you.But detractors mogutvospolzovatsya foolish and spoil your reputation.


dreamed bus polnyynarodu, could spell the imminent pribytiegostey.A carpool can dream in an accident.If you see a bus kotoryyostanovilsya on a mountain road, you can be happy, because the girl takoeprorochestvo predicts an exciting journey.Moreover, takoeputeshestvie bring familiarity with powerful man.

dream in which she viditmchaschiysya bus, says to be careful.In order not to be sad, look at their actions and the actions you perform in the buyout dannyymoment.One of the actions could lead to further problems and retribution.

And if you are traveling in the bus, then the dream is a dream for your upcoming fun party with friends.Noostatsya only means a passenger collided with incomprehension among the closest people.They behave like a condemning your behavior.

girl driving a bus mozhetzanyat high position in society, but in order not to miss the chance.Needless afraid of unfamiliar people and offers just abandon them, just take a look.

E6sli dream voditelavtobusa lost control in a dream - you can manifest stupidity and not smozheteskryt emotions that will delay you into conflict.That it will lead to the fact that vashareputatsiya will have a bad echo.It can also be a meeting with plohimchelovekom that affect you and push to the ignoble act.

accident with a bus.If exhibi eyewitness how the trucks crashed, then after a quick time vasuvlekut in a certain project.This is where you and your decisions will zavisetsudby people.


prisnilsyasamolet If a girl, then it will have different rodapriklyucheniya.

In case snitsyaugnanny plane, he speaks of strength and courage, buyout you will have to show in order to cope with the situation.

conduct aircraft to be a pilot is a means that in real life you have to be their best and to make every effort to ensure chtobyspravitsya situation.

plane crashed - you kakdevushka or person in real life can feel insecure.Vaminogda may feel that you do not meet all the requirements of chegovoznikayut complexes.

See all passengers borta- means taking care of these people in real life.If the driver you yavlyaetesili or have any relation to the management of the flight, the pokachestvu do their jobs, you can see how to horoshospravlyaetes their duties in real life.

you remember some libootchetlivoe feeling during the flight.This could mean that as you take insociety.

Each of us prihodyatsnovideniya.Many girls use their dreams as a means to raskrytiyazhiteyskih mysteries and years succeed in this business.Dreams are for chtobyobradovat us, to warn of the danger, keep out of trouble ipredrekat series of good events.Ladies, listen to them, and they will open the curtain vampotustoronny.

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