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Dream Interpretation: What dream fight

most common:

  1. Dreaming of a fight in which you do not participate, but watch from the side - means that in the near future, you have to judge a dispute between your colleagues, friends, acquaintances.You may be asked for assistance, mainly for personal matters.
  2. Dreaming of a fight in which I participate - can talk about the future loss of personal property, starting with the keys and to the purse to more valuable things such as housing.This is the case if you are in a dream beat.If you win a fight you all the way around - any acquisition related to a greater extent with luck than with diligence and labor.If
  3. dream fight with the blood of someone from relatives, friends or good acquaintances plotting something bad.Be careful, you can bring the people from whom it is not expected.Another option - you do not get help from those who counted on, or receive a rejection from someone you love.If
  4. dream fight with the girl, it is important to know which side to fight the girl is involved.If you like a girl
    taking part in a fight with an unknown man - a dream can talk about conflicts at work, on public transport or on the street.That is not related to the family.If a woman fights with ex-boyfriend, then she lets go of the past.This dream will strengthen current couples.And in case of a fight with her boyfriend or husband you expect conflicts and quarrels may be separated in the future.A fight with a rival - a display of jealousy for her husband.
  5. If dreamed that participate in a group fight, prepare for disputes at work or in public transport.Perhaps spores occur in catering establishments with acquaintances or strangers.It's not a very good sleep.
  6. fight where you kill an opponent, it means that as soon as you spill your negativity, anger, irritation to the people around you.It is necessary to be careful and keep yourself in their hands.Otherwise, it can threaten your workers or family problems.
  7. fight with the monster, the monster dreams to trouble.Perhaps, now or in the near future, you will encounter a situation that will seem desperate.If you dream you are running away from the monster, or he beats you, so adverse circumstances develop for you a way to solve them and you will not succeed.If you won - you will find out.If the battle a draw, or a monster suddenly vanished - you'll find out, but it will take time.

Why dream of a fight?

worth noting that the dreams of fights do not always have to relate to future domestic conflicts within the family or disputes outside the home.So we should not take everything literally.That's because the dreams, this is the work of our subconscious.It is available through our understanding of images tells about these or other events that can happen to you, or necessarily occur.

It all depends on what you happen to when you visited the dream of a fight.For example, if a week ago, you had an argument with a neighbor over land, it is likely that a dream warns you that a neighbor in a week or a month to file a claim in court.

Why dream of a fight?

often our subconscious in dreams about the fight, the example of the opponent may involve circumstances difficult situation.If you won the fight - in the future with all of you right if lost - the circumstances could take over.Son, where the draw - you make an effort and eventually will be overcome adversity, but it will take time.

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