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I had a train - what to expect

Ride the train

If you dream you are traveling in a noisy car, where everyone shouts to each other, and the life of the children indulge in vengeance seethes - expect the upcoming hassle associated with everyday issues.Maybe you will be responsible for the conduct of a torzhestva.Ehat in an empty car means you are closed in themselves and do not trust anyone his experiences.Such dreams are most often dream of lonely people and those who survived the betrayal.

look out the window of a train car - change their traditional way of life.Did you change the place of residence and occupation.If such had a dream in the morning - it does not mean anything, just the brain shows what he saw once a picture.

To dream of a railway

Other downers interpret this dream as soon as possible or visit the arrival of guests, which you do not get too excited.But most of all, such a story does not portend, it just shows your true feelings about your life.You do not want stagnation, want to move forward, but can not guess ho

w to do it.

What if you dream of the railway?

Run away from the train

in different dream books the story is very contradictory interpretations.Some say that you want to catch trouble and illness.The other says that the dream is a vigorous course of your life, as they say, you are ahead of the rest.But it is worth to note that if you have seen him during daylight hours or on a Sunday, you can not give it any importance.In these hours the dreams have no power.

see off someone at the station, put on a train

as interpreted by this vision marks a quick separation from the man who saw in a dream.See Station - a harbinger of unexpected meeting, successful completion of goals and dreams.Seeing the burning station - the collapse in any undertakings in the next six months.If the train in which you put a loved one lost sight of in real life can be extended separation, prolonged for many years.

Train Wreck

This dream does not predict anything wrong, it just notifies you about the missed opportunity to change their lives.Seeing blood in a dream - emergency meeting with relatives.

What do you mean, if you had a train?

jump from a moving train

Rather, the dream means that you caught the emotional decline.Do you want peace and solitude, fall out of the rapid succession of events that happen to you recently.Maybe you should go on a vacation, gain strength, get new experience.But interpreting such vision ambulance reckless trick on your part that will cause anger and resentment friends or your family members.Be careful in the words and behavior, so as not to upset dear people.

as it may seem at first glance - dreamed train or railroad is not a sign that will have to go somewhere.

In conclusion, I would like to say that to solve this or that dreams are very interesting.Horoscopes, usually, just talk about what you have in mind or what to expect.But you must understand that if what he saw in a dream, you have seen in real life recently, no prediction values ​​and the dream can not be held, it is just a figment of our memory.