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To dream of chocolate

Gypsy Dream Book

drink or eat chocolate dream is fast disease, but fortunately, not heavy.

Dreams XX century.

Eating chocolate in a dream means that in real life you do not seem to have enough positive emotions, so it is recommended to diversify their dreary lives, brighten up everyday by certain events.

Dream Miller

Seeing chocolate dream is treated as something that you may well depend on you to provide the people;chocolate candy - a good partner to work;stale chocolate - to illness or some disappointments.If you dream you are drinking hot chocolate, then you will find the prosperity that will follow after a short period of negative events.

East women dream book

Eating chocolate dream lead to a pleasant carnal pleasures in real life.

Love sonnik

treats someone chocolate dream, characterizes you very gentle man in the bed, and you can easily give pleasure even inexperienced partner.

Hot chocolate is interpreted as dissatisfaction in bed, a sense of guilt for the failure in sex.B

ut intimate relationships often can not stick on your partner's fault: he has a bad mood or something goes wrong in their everyday life.

burn hot chocolate dream portends an unexpected encounter with a person possessing boundless energy.

modern dream interpretation

Seeing chocolate in a dream means to you and welfare depend on you people.Snovedeny of sweets portends a good business partner and success.When used in a dream of chocolate, it would be tasteless, so you expect disappointment and illness.Drink hot chocolate in a dream suggests that you are waiting for joy immediately after the end of the period of non-durable failures.

Dreams Freud

treats anyone chocolate means that you are gentle lover, your affection razogreyut any partner in bed.Drink hot chocolate in a dream makes it clear that there is failure in sex take to heart, and blame only themselves.Think, perhaps, the reason lies in your partner, his bad mood or you feel unwell, that is not the best way affects the intimate life.

burns from hot chocolate is treated as a forthcoming meeting with a strong man whose energy has the edge.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

buy or receive chocolate means poor health, weakness in the body;

eat or drink chocolate - warns of diseases requiring long-term treatment.

Dreams Miss Hasse

This medium chocolate treats to the well-being of man.

Dreams Longo on parapsychology

Eat Chocolate in a dream means that you are looking for an easier life in reality.Do you think that a lot of work, but do not get with the no return.Are you concerned about what others do not appreciate you.Cooking chocolate dream is interpreted as a desire to make an unusual, extraordinary deeds amaze others and causing a feeling of envy.It encourages you to look for events that have helped to feel the poignancy of life.You are treated to chocolate dream - it means that in reality, you want to cheat and get this kind of benefit.Chocolate treats anyone - talk about your intentions to appease someone and take advantage of this, but these plans will fail, as will be solved.

Intimate sonnik

dream where you're treated to chocolate someone may say that you are a gentle pleasures of love partners, and costs you nothing to please her lover, even if he is inexperienced, bound people.

If you see a dream where drinking hot chocolate, this means that you are too much blame themselves for the failures of intimate life, taking all the blame on himself and not thinking about the fact that the cause of the problems in sex can be your partner.Analyse how the quality of your sex depends on mood or well-being of your lover.

burns from hot chocolate - to a meeting with a man of inexhaustible energy.