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Trendy Winter Dress

cruel verdict was voiced by designers that no fashionable dress in the winter, a woman can not be considered complete.So what would be considered fashionable dresses winter of 2011-2012?What material is necessary to be able to correctly select the worthy fashion winter outfits?Thus what color dress, considered winter, must give their preference?

Choose from a warm winter dress material: chiffon or velvet, or from another light and elegant matter.Despite the fact that winter is preferable to wear comfortable clothes, that does not mean that we should not look fancy dresses that are still suitable for the party.Silhouette of the dress can be a short-cut and free.

us focus waist .Almost all of the winter season 2011-2012 dresses that have somehow expressed the waist, are more likely to allow the girls to feel beautiful seductress.For most men there is an idea to be able to defend such a fragile creature, okazhuscheesya in such attire.Better to choose a dress with knee-length or just below the knee.Not n

ecessarily of course, choose a model fitted the winter dress, you can just buy a wide belt, with which you can create an image of itself.The most fashionable will be considered extravagant belt consisting of leather or fur.Excellent choice of evening dress will be a little trick with the office dress-cover.You just need to put him under any transparent, long-sleeved turtleneck or blouse, choose tights with an unusual cut, drawing.About

dress sundress .The most fashionable trend in the winter season 2011-2012 will be dresses in a variety of options pinafore.Typically, such a dress sewn from a more lightweight material.It is necessary to take note of fashionable women who have decided to buy this dress: wear it is preferable to warm turtleneck or blouse.Naturally, if you want to wear a turtleneck dress, sweater must be worn on top of it all.You may want to emphasize certain negligence of style or ridiculous way, but do not overdo it so as not to show their character flaws.You just need to put on a brilliant but a thin scarf or leather gloves and leggings with socks.Choose a dress-sweater better to meet with friends, but if desired, using imagination and can be a party.

Short Sleeve .They are also suitable in winter clothes this season.These dresses can be put on and to work on a holiday, especially on New Year's Eve.Make it more exclusive, you can use the simple sleeves, which can be a separate accessory.An interesting option would be to everyday winter dress with snowflakes, very timely and seasonally.Scandinavian motifs and will look good on any beauty.You can just take a single color winter dress, but very bright.It once again will not have to decorate any accessories.Suffice it to simply "make" an unusual hairstyle and put on interesting, original pantyhose.

The main colors. ¬ęcredibility" among all shades of the winter collection of dresses will be the following: beige, brown, terra cotta colors and their shades.In short, the warming color.But designers are in any case not write off such bright colors as blue, violet, turquoise, yellow, orange, red, blue and the like.So do not stop at the usual black and white outfits.Although each representative, ladies preferences, tastes.

on corporate .She is always at a loss to choose the right outfit for a corporate party, as it should be and it is restrained, but also smart.For such a case it may be advisable to choose a more or less monotonous fitting, satin, bright dress with a deep cut in the form of a triangle.Decorating does not need to, you can just put on a thin strap.And the girls are not afraid seem more sophisticated, you can wear fishnet stockings.

And for a hike in the theater, you can choose a longer dress like that, but decorating it with fashionable accessories.

Floral motifs. Now more than ever, became fashionable and up to date floral motifs.Famous fashion struck his numerous audience long dresses with various floral ornaments, among which you can see the amazement of the rising sun.Such Japanese motifs reflect not only the floral prints, and a variety of silhouettes.Almost all dresses of winter fashion collection of dresses emphasize femininity waist of their owners, and their length comes to toe.The designers decided to choose satin and velvet fabrics, these fabrics can move from one to another in the same outfit.Dresses were presented sleeveless cocktail mostly shades.

Cream Swan .In turn, in Paris were presented interesting novelties, which the designer called them unusual birds of paradise.Among them could be seen as revealing outfits, which were just completely naked or legs, or chest.Creamy pink and shades of the dresses gave the feeling that the models presented in the form of brides.The artist wanted to emphasize in their clothes directly to the fragility of the female nature, and of course her sexuality.

I hope that you can pick out exactly feminine, but at the same time sexy and winter dresses.

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