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The stylish and fashionable women jackets

Jacket , perfectly sitting on a figure, should be in every wardrobe.This said Coco Chanel, which has left a vivid fashion his version.Tweed jacket with patch pockets, lavish decor and a round neck collar instead.

Another interesting observation - there is a silhouette or the details of which we can confidently say: "They are in the past."English wool, classic cell, huge shoulder pads and even zastezhka- "lightning" - on the podium was all about.Of course, fashion is impossible without following, and yet different tastes will surely be satisfied.

choose their proportions - in the new season packages are either not large in size, a little stressed.If we talk about the decor, here are relevant extremes of the hussar jacket with "chic-shine" to the men's jackets, as if your shoulder gentleman.Unconditional hits deserve special attention.

Tone is set Chanel and MahMaga, Band of Outsaiders and Alexander Wang.The list would be happy to continue.

jacket with wide shoulders.Following a favorite fas

hion designer is Gare-Pugh many began to offer streamlined model frankly exaggerated shoulders.Fabrics - stressed engineering, without a pattern and pronounced texture.Worthy role models can be a concert singer Lady Gaga costumes or parts of costumes star Kylie Minogue.

jacket in men's style, Man style ceases to be tough.Strict single-breasted or double-breasted jackets are now available with a variety of wear trousers or (for a bright contrast) put on top of the gypsy dresses.Jacket with the exact copy of men's, as it was in the 80s.Make-up - to achieve the right effect - is to borrow from Dita Von Teese.At least at the Paris Fashion Week took it as a rule.

Volume jacket no size

classic wool or mohair, royal white color or shade doctoral sausage, pockets or floors karakulcha ... There are no restrictions in the details when it comes to bulk stylish and fashionable women's jacketsthat can look almost as a home sweater or a jacket in retrostile grunge.The absurdity of effectively elevated to a cult - the old recipe Vivienne Westwood and under the influence of the British top model Agnes Deyn.

Jacket style Disco

Famous designers prefer to present to the public obscenely decorated in art-jacket greatly shortened or, on the contrary - the extended version.Different versions of a sleeve length - may be both narrow and long and three quarters.Catchy jacket is now combined with a casual, that is, with blue jeans and a very simple shirt.

Imagine that the usual things you put on a jacket in the spirit of Michael Jackson.Such variations have tested actress Lindsay Lohan and Clemence Poesy.

jacket with a luxurious asymmetry

experiments with form, perhaps, were taken from Andre Kurrezha.The iconic designer left his name under the jacket, which extends from the shoulder line trim.Add to this the high collars with asymmetry, to get a trendy jacket-jacket.Fabrics and proportions can spy on the old photos of Jacqueline Kennedy, only new combinations is much bolder.

Ultra-short jacket

Special features: the proportions of the classic bolero, deep black leather or gloss, like Yves Saint Laurent.Sometimes these models are decorated with simple embroidery in ethnic style, or bulky items such as collars, cylinders.No bright colors or Indian mirrors, but the feeling is - bright models capable of becoming the undisputed accents in a good wardrobe.Such being talked about "every day."Jackets for work or business meetings, of course, can be restrained, and even to show modesty.But the poor quality or they failed, in any case, should not be.

meet and gently help to emphasize the shape of the model plain wool and gabardine.

Jackets with "evening" decor

Do not abuse the small details, such as trim or pockets with flaps.The correct jacket is able to visually reduce the weight.Thin vertical stripes (including texture), a little more free cutting, narrow lapels and dark colors perfectly cope with the task.Again, you should avoid small pockets, and even more so - of free-frills or collars of any size bass voice.In no case do not disturb the velvet, suede or boucle jackets.Make sure that the sleeves were classical length, but the length of the jacket can be different.For girls of short stature perfect model just below the waist, for high personages - straight cut jackets of plastic cloth slightly lower buttocks.

good jacket for all its restraint should look spectacular.Try on models that assume a belt - it can be changed, for example, a glossy skin.Try brown tunics with high collar and pockets, they look great unbuttoned combined with golf fruit shades.Change the stereotype - a light trousers wear dark jacket, and all this will certainly genuine dense fabric.And choose decorations difficult - for example, some identical brooches, vintage watch on a chain or some only large gold earrings blown.

Jacket makes
think again about all the "yes" and "no."Most will look irrelevant minor details, colors and shallow substandard fabric.But the choice of special effects for you to huge - from the incredibly stylish jackets man style to the royal brocade, combined with jeans.Leave simplicity - the main rule of the jacket.