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Panties thong

little history

This underwear was pridumanospetsialno for evening dresses with slits frank and trouser snizkoy waist.Characteristic features of style - deep cut back, and lace elastic bands on the sides.

In accordance with the different versions of this underwear appeared in Brazil or Spain.Simply put, the invented ones tropical countries.The idea of ​​a more open underwear offered Rose Di Primo, which made a lasting impression on others, when there was a fairly frank naplyazhe panties.They have been reduced via obychnyhnozhnits.It was one of the first steps to create a thong panties.

in the 70s were created by designer RudiGernrayhom known thong panties.They are often confused with izvestnymikazhdoy woman thong.However, the main difference is that thong thong is not takieotkrytye like: they lack only the side part, and behind estmalenky triangle.In appearance very similar to thong panties thong, but seem to be much higher due to the large cut-out in the area of ​​the hips.By mneniyumnogih w

omen, panties thong comfortable to wear and do not press in intimate places.Odnaiz the most convenient and practical models - it's panties with enough shirokoyrezinkoy in the hips.Such models panties and do not rub nevpivayutsya.

How to choose a thong panties?

Here you have decided to buy trusikitanga and came into the store, where he offered a huge selection of underwear.Of course, today is actually offered a lot of options on this underwear lyuboysluchay.But do not rush to buy everything offered in the store.The main thing is to buy underwear for each individual case.

offer advice, following which vysdelaete the right choice when buying a thong panties:

  1. One simple variantovpodbora linen - is the acquisition of basic universal set.It znakomoekazhdoy woman classical trio of solid, white and black colors.Udobnokupit several pairs each color.Such an approach would allow vampriobresti buying lingerie for any clothes.
  2. then it is important to svoёvnimanie more sexy models designed for romantic vstrechs lover.This style generally is quite expensive and predlozhenvmeste a bra.If we talk about coloring, here you can pozvolitsebe what you like best.Good buy two sets under the light itёmnuyu clothes.Choosing the color and fabric, guided by the outfit in which vysobiraetes the meeting.
  3. For sports activities, it is important to have cotton thong panties.During active movements of the body is sweating, so it is desirable for the skin in contact with the natural tissue.When choosing a model, pay attention to a very important point: the linen and convenience minimalnomukolichestvu gum.By the way, today, many manufacturers offered tselyelinii specifically for training.
  4. Another popular and udobnoymodelyu thong panties is considered to be seamless.The advantage modelizaklyuchaetsya that panties are practically invisible under clothing.Therefore mozhnonosit them even under tight dresses.
  5. Well Isamu importantly, be sure to choose a pair of shorts for the brightest models sebyalyubimoy.After all, no woman refuses to have underwear that is not easy to raise the mood, but also create a sense of comfort.

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