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Women's fashion for the full

How do women still dress in the body.What are the general rules must be observed in order not to look ridiculous and absurd.After all, women's fashion for the full right to exist.And a woman is a woman.

first pay attention to underwear.And it is not in its value, and sometimes expensive underwear is much more suitable than dorogushchee.Underwear should be beautiful, and most importantly comfortable.

pants should not press anywhere, thus forming unsightly wrinkles on the body.Or even worse "eat".To do this, choose underwear exact size.Do not be fooled by buying things on a size or two smaller.Home comfort and good mood by sitting perfectly linen.Choose for yourself model panties, which do you like most.It may be panties "without priests" or shorts.Perfectly suited lace panties that do not dig into the body.

As for the bra, wear it or not, no single answer can not give.A matter of taste and habits.But one thing is for sure, choosing the item of lingerie, watch for it to be accurate at the time.If the b

ra bites you in the back, forming unsightly wrinkles, and no alternative, try to choose the right outdoor clothing.In no case do not wear tight or transparent blouses or blouses.

When choosing outer garments, try to hide their flaws and highlight its advantages.For example, if you have wide hips, try to brighten their broad shoulders, the more it is now at the peak of popularity.Of course, each individual woman's figure, and you can not give general advice for all.Every woman should know their strengths and weaknesses.

If you are plump, but you have a flat stomach, then you can afford to put on a shorter blouse, or even slightly attractive bare your tummy.If your round tummy clearly appears, then discard the tight outfits.When choosing a dress, try to focus on their shoulders.Distract the eyes from too narrow waist.Shoulders - a very sexy part of a woman's body.And, as a rule, women have a charming plump rounded shoulders, which can only envy hudyshki with their sharp little bones.Try not to simply mask the shortcomings of the figure, but also divert attention from them, emphasizing dignity.Disadvantages simply cease to be visible.

Do not overdo it with the multi-layered, all sorts of additional items of clothing.Of course, do not have to completely give up ruffles, drapes, but excessive quantities can play with you a malicious joke.Total should be in moderation.

wrong those who believe that the owners of magnificent forms necessary to give up trousers or jeans.If you're lucky, and your legs are long, you automatically get rid of half of the problems when choosing clothing.You can safely wear and trousers, jeans and even shorts.But if your feet are not led, do not despair - platform shoes perfectly lengthens the leg.

Jeans generally able to pull up the ass and pull the thigh.To do this, select the appropriate size is strictly a model.Do not try to buy the latest fashions, refuse narrowed down models.But the classic skinny jeans - just what you need.Make sure the jeans never freezes and scrunching.The same goes for pants.Well-suited model of elastic materials.

skirt emphasizes femininity.Today, women's fashion provides for the full weight of models skirts.Any woman can choose the appropriate one.The main thing, any clothes should be in size.

Finally, shoes.Here there are no restrictions.I would like you to high heels - do not hesitate.But with flat shoes, be careful.Watch your posture and gait.Does not turn into a duck that is rolling.

course, choose clothes plump much harder than slim.But you can.And there's one option - tailoring their own or to order.In this case, you will wear not only fashionable, but also exclusive.

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