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at women dress-cases are very popular.They certainly are an alternative to the usual business suit.


in such attire is always clear waistline.Wide belt in combination with a sheath dress, even more emphasizes the feminine form.Strict silhouette of the dress perfectly combined with elegant cardigan and jacket.For example, if over a dress with a wide belt to wear cashmere cardigan, then you'll have a very classy and elegant image.

on conservative measures are perfect for dress-standard housings of gray or black.A perfect option for a party will pay rich, vibrant and vivid colors with an interesting pattern.

Dress Case-profitable emphasize features of the figure of a woman with a good shape and will add charm to not thin ladies.For the latter is best suited dress-cases more free cut, which is fitted by a figure not much.

old days is embodied in modern dresses cases.Designers are always trying to add to the decor elements such cards, each time in a new way by presenting this article of


brand, leading the production of these dresses are considered:

  • Prada,
  • Ralph Lauren,
  • Marc Jacobs.

Various parameters sheath dresses.

  1. length .Along the length of the dress can reach such as the knee and up to mid-calf.It determines the length of the style and the image of women.Will it be today or capricious boss refined secretary.
  2. sleeves .As a rule, dress-cases do not have sleeves.Because of this it can be put in the hot summer and spring days.But if you do not work or the weather allows, then it is possible to pick up a dress jacket or cardigan.Additionally, you can choose to cape along with whatever order you long sleeves.
  3. Cut .Types cutout for such a great variety of dresses.Round, heart-shaped, boat, V-twin - cut-out can be quite arbitrary.If you go to a dress that has a pretty clear cut-out on the job, then you can throw a jacket for the evening and you can throw it and get a completely different way.

Linen dress-case.

Len has natural shine and it is soft and pleasant.This is one of the most versatile materials.That is why this material is like leading designers and clothing manufacturers.Dresses cases flax look simply delicious and elegant.

woman dressed in a linen dress, feels refined and relaxed.Every accessory is the perfect accompaniment to them.For the summer a wonderful option would dress-white case.Also, the material of the dress and serve a wonderful dress for the evening, if you add to it also some elegant accessory.High heels and a clutch of gold color blends perfectly with the linen dress, sheath, giving the image an extra kick.

linen dresses are inexpensive and must enter into the wardrobe of any fashionista.

Lace dress-case.

Dress-box, made entirely of lace, will give her mistress alluring, elegant and enchanting view.It should have a good lining.In addition, these dresses can be decorated with bows and have a zipper on the back.A lace can be of any color and pattern.

Lace black can lie on a black lining.This dress-holder at the party will create unusually attractive image: high-heeled shoes, a little unruly curls and big earrings.Inviting fitting cut dresses will not leave anyone indifferent man.

Dress-holder for the wedding.

columned dress - so is usually called a wedding dress-case.It is precisely fitting shape of the bride, cascading to the bottom and profitable emphasizing form.It is appropriate dress case, both large and chamber music at weddings.

This wedding dress is usually sewn from moire, brocade, damask - excellent materials to help keep in shape.The columned dress looks simple and tasteful accessories to pick him very easy.

accessories dress-case.

rich and elegant image can be obtained by flashy accessories.For example, using a shiny metal brooch and a string of beads or pearls, or massive bracelets and large necklaces can give to shape a special charm.

retro style dress-case emphasizes the benefit embellishments in vintage style.A elongated dress accentuate stilettos.High heels accentuate the beauty of the legs, and the figure will look extremely elegant and subtle.

Thus, dress-box - a universal option for any occasion in the life of a woman.Various types of dresses are suitable for all ages and shapes.