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Effect of darkness on human health

Scientists say that the darkness has a positive effect nakrasotu.Lighting from light bulbs and appliances negativnoevliyanie has on our skin, accelerating the aging process, so it is important chaschenahoditsya in natural light during the day and at night in total darkness.And if vynatura romantic, most often arrange a candlelit dinner: useful, beautiful ipropitano passion.

So what are the advantages of the dark?

1. Reducing the risk of cancer

than once it was proved that the light intensity vnochnoe time of day is directly related to the development of cancer.Why is it so now I will explain.At night, our body is actively involved in not only a dream, but also the production of melatonin.Melatonin - a substance produced organizmomnochyu for natural protection against cancer, otherwise referred to as "gormontmy".The presence of light at night interferes with his generation and accordingly snizhaetestestvennuyu defense against this malicious disease.Deystviemelatonina aimed at suppressing the

growth of certain cancer cells istimulirovanie of white blood cells and strengthen immuniteta.Effektivnost this antioxidant is significantly increased in conjunction sprotivorakovymi drugs.

2. Reduce the likelihood of states and usugubleniyadepressivnyh

not only the lack of daylight mozhetposposobstvovat the development of depression, but also the absence of darkness, too.Man, like all living beings on the earth, you need time to relax and napolneniyaenergiey.This helps us to sleep, but not just a dream, and a dream full temnote.Otsutstvie natural cycles of day and night does not give polnotsennogoenergeticheskogo human nutrition, which in turn gives rise to razvitiyustressovogo state of the body - depression.

Some like to sleep with the TV on, but etotpriёm more dangerous, as the shimmering splashes of light and sound - moschneyshieagressory subconscious indirectly displayed on the mind.This privychkaprotivopokazana man, especially children.

3. Improving the quality of sleep

Sleep strong and healthy can only be temnote.Raznoobraznye light sources deteriorate the quality of sleep and do not give chelovekuuglubitsya it.People sleeping when the device is required bolshevremeni to fully restore power, unlike sleeping in polnoytemnote.

When a person is in the dark, it organizmmgnovenno adjusted to it and sleep comes much faster.In rezultatepovyshaetsya sleep quality, reduced stress vulnerability silproiskhodit recovery faster is intense cell renewal, increasing pritokenergii in each point of the body.

4. Promotes weight loss

When a person is in the dark, organizmavtomaticheski disables the "hunger" and allows installation on otdyh.Takim way nature has protected us from overeating and made it possible organizmuotdyhat of food without putting extra weight vnezhelatelnymparts of our body.Scientists have proved that the people sleeping in the light, feel a sense of hunger and the need to satisfy his.Sistematicheskoeupotreblenie food at night does not go to the benefit of weight loss, and tolkovedёt to obesity, because the body is overloaded with food.

5. Supports the biological clock

natural cycles of day and night, and generates podderzhivaetbiologicheskie watches every one of us.The modern world is full of places to mnozhestvominteresnyh pastime that knocked natural rhythm: nochnyekluby, sitting at the computer until the early morning, watching TV, posescheniekruglosutochnyh stores.We live and enjoy this life, not knowing that we bring in clear violation of the natural rhythms.

Scientists have proved a direct link between the failure biologicheskihchasov and well-being.The result may be a stress, narushenieraboty gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, and many drugimizabolevaniyami.To avoid adverse effects, experts sovetuyutsokraschat your day, go to bed at the same time to pacify the activity with the onset temnoty.Eti recommendation does not mean you have to completely abandon the nightlife, it is enough to try to minimize the kind of lifestyle.

We reviewed the main advantages of the darkness and you reshatsoblyudat them or not.In any case, you should pay attention to them, because it etonashe health and we have one.Of course, many can not afford izmenitobraz life due to circumstances related to family or work nostaratelnoe maintaining natural rhythm of light and darkness even votpuske a positive impact on health.

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