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Three Reasons to drowsiness.

Diabetes and the title - what's the connection?
overweight - is the main companion of diabetes of the second type.But why yawning occurs in people who suffer from diabetes?Yawning - a reflex which usually manifests itself in a lack of power supply in the brain.That is the person inhales air via yawn to saturate the brain with oxygen.When a person has diabetes, the blood glucose level is elevated, but it does not enter the brain.

in the body's cells, glucose can be reached only with the help of insulin - the hormone special pancreas.There it is converted into the energy required for the life of the organism.But in diabetes or insulin deficient sensory disturbances cells thereto, whereby the glucose is not converted into energy.Thus, a person develops a hell of fatigue, sleepiness.

to exit from the current situation, first of all, you need to lose weight, so glucose enters the cell, rather than destroying the blood vessels.

Fatigue and sleepiness due to sleep apnea
sleepiness that has plagued man t
hroughout the day, can be a sign of sleep apnea abstruktivnogo - sleep apnea, which occurs as a result of lack of oxygen.The most common sleep apnea is obese and the elderly, as well as in snorers when snoring occurs at an altitude of respiratory arrest, the man pauses, then he snorts and begins to breathe again.In a certain phase of sleep all human muscles are relaxed, including the muscles of the soft palate and uvula, which may result in ceasing to be the last.

How to deal with sleep apnea?First of all, it is necessary to conduct a special examination in a dream, and if they stop breathing will be found, the doctor may prescribe medication.There are many ways to combat the disease, from the devices in which a person is sleeping (these devices synchronously pumped air), to surgical intervention that treat respiratory arrest surgically.And, of course, you need to lose weight, because overweight people risk this state much more.

Aortic dissection
in cardiac surgery practice, often there are cases when the patient is lying on the operating table, he begins to yawn without reason, it increases drowsiness.This happens when a person is a sharp decrease in pressure.The blood supply to the brain is reduced, irritated nerves that are located in the chest or in the abdominal cavity and there is yawning.This may be a symptom of a very dangerous disease - dissecting aortic aneurysm, resulting in blood may completely withdraw from the bloodstream.The disease is dangerous because virtually no symptoms (only an experienced surgeon can react in time and provide the necessary assistance to the patient), and may result in loss of life.