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Useful properties of flax

benefits of flax seed

These seeds contain many useful substances.Vsemenah flax-fiber, vegetable protein, vitamins A, E, B, macro- minerals and essential polyunsaturated fats.Thanks takomusostavu this plant has a positive effect on the work of the whole organizma.Pri regular use of flax seed can prevent takihzabolevany as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, neurological diseases and stress, cancer, zabolevaniyaschitovidnoy cancer and many others.

proved that flax lowers blood cholesterol inormalizuet pressure.It also improves the immune system and helps eliminate simptomyotravleniya.

in flax seeds contain such nutrients, kaklignany.These compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, they blagodaryachemu toxins and carcinogens from the body.Besides, they yavlyayutsyaotlichnymi antioxidants and very effectively block vrednyhradikalov effects on the body.Therefore, regular consumption of this product pomogaetprodlit youth.

In one teaspoon of flax seeds or flax oil soder

zhitsyane only daily intake of many vitamins and elements, and alpha-linolenic acid, which stimulates the production of omega-3 fatty acids.

Properties seeds lnadlya slimming

Many girls use flax diet.Flaxseed, rubbed into the flour, very delicately and gently absorbs the fats that we do not enter the body with food.Then, these fat excreted.In addition, flax perfectly cleanses the intestines.To do this, one day eat odnustolovuyu frayed spoon of flax seed and then drink plenty of water ilizhe yogurt.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend every six months to carry out polnuyuchistku your body with the help of flax seeds.To do this, flax neobhodimoupotreblyat as follows: the first week of every day to eat tea lozhkuperetertyh flax seeds mixed with yogurt.The next week, you must sedatdve teaspoons of ground seeds, washing them down with a cup of yogurt or obychnogoyogurta without additives.During the third week should be consumed by trichaynyh tablespoons of flax seed and drink a cup of sour milk products.

If you want to maintain your figure is normal, from time vremenidobavlyayte flax seeds to eat.Linen can be added to any dish: bread, boiled, fried, stewed.Len otlichnosochetaetsya with cereals, meat, salads, soups.

Application flax dlyalecheniya various diseases

As mentioned above, flax seeds are used for diseases lecheniyamnogih.Here neskolkoretseptov:

In gastric ulcer, colitis or gastritis

If a person is suffering from these diseases, it is recommended upotreblyatnastoy from flax seeds.Take a tablespoon of seeds, grind them in a coffee grinder pour two cups of water.This infusion has to stand two hours poslechego he will be ready for use.Take it before each reception pischi.Sliz which formed coats the stomach and prevents poyavlenienepriyatnyh symptoms.

When inflammation of the rectum and hemorrhoids

in these diseases is recommended to do an enema.Dlyaprigotovleniya solution enema Take a tablespoon of flax seeds, chop them, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for a few hours.Posleetogo resulting goo may be used.After the enema is necessary soblyudatpostelny mode.

as a laxative

To prepare take a laxative stolovuyulozhku crushed flax seeds, fill them with two cups of hot water ivzbaltyvayte for fifteen minutes.Then strain the infusion and receiving it in half a cup of fasting morning.There is another retseptprigotovleniya: Take two teaspoons of flax seed, add a poltorastakana water and boil everything on low heat for five minutes.Zatemprotsedite infusion and take three or four times a day for one tablespoon lozhkenatoschak.

When edema

If you suffer from edema, such means vamobyazatelno help get rid of this problem.Take four teaspoons of flax lozhkisemyan and fill them with a liter of water.Put on low heat and kipyatitepyatnadtsat minutes.Then place the pot in a warm place and daytenastoyatsya means half an hour.This tool should be taken 6-7 times a day for half a glass.The result will be visible in a couple of weeks.For a taste of knastoyu can add a little lemon juice.

rheumatism and gout

To get rid of these ailments, cook takoesredstvo.Take two teaspoons of flax seed, add a half stakanavody and simmer for ten minutes.Then cool infusion protseditei shake.Take this remedy should be five times a day for one stolovoylozhke.


One tablespoon of seeds must be filled polovinoystakana hot water.Then place the tool on a slow fire and cook pyatnadtsatminut.To seize the resulting mixture, strain it, and use the enema.


You will need: 40 grams of seed flax seed, 30 grams of the root stalnikaposevnogo 30 grammlistev birch.Mix all ingredients and pour their glasses kipyatka.Zatem keep the infusion in a water bath for fifteen minutes.When infusion budetgotov, cool it and press.The resulting tool will boil again.Posleetogo facility will be ready for use.Take it should neskolkoraz day third cup.


If you can not get rid of the cough, try etosredstvo.Three tablespoons of flaxseed pour a glass of boiling water, vzbaltyvaytevse for ten minutes, then strain the liquid.In protsezhennuyuzhidkost add half a teaspoon of anise, five teaspoons of licorice and 400 grams of honey.All the ingredients mix well and cook over low heat pyatminut.Then strain the mixture and take four times a day before meals for polovinestakana.

When dropsy

Take three teaspoons of seeds and fill them with a liter of water.Put low heat and simmer for twenty minutes.Then pour infusion vtermos and leave guide for two hours.Take this remedy neobhodimokazhdye two hours in half a glass of hot.The result will be noticeable uzhecherez three weeks.


Pour one liter of hot water 20 grams of flax seed.Nastaivaytena for five hours.Then strain and take polovinestakana before each meal or exacerbation of gastritis.

as a diuretic

Pour a tablespoon of flax seed cup of boiling water for half an hour inastaivayte.After that, take the infusion 3 times a day for odnoystolovoy spoon.

As you can see, flax seeds are very useful for all organizma.Ego used for the prevention of many diseases, for the treatment and dlyaochischeniya body.In stores you can find not only flax seeds, and flax seed oil and flax flour.These products are also useful.Their mozhnoispolzovat even for cosmetic purposes.

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