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Why it is necessary to keep the feet warm?

thing is that our body is literally "larded" temperature receptors.They, in turn, through the central nervous system connected with any particular body.On the soles of our feet are receptors that are directly related to the receptors in the nasal mucosa.As soon as his feet supercooled, the signal of this goes to the respiratory system.Almost in the five-story building - on the first floor of the sneeze, the fifth will say "Cheers!".That is why runny nose - is a natural reaction to the wet cold feet.However, a runny nose and sore throat - not so bad.The pulse from the chilled feet before getting to the "top floor" of the nasopharynx, passes through the kidneys.And from them - directly to the urinary system.

way, Tibetan monks accepted that the kidneys "supervise" the entire lower part of the body.The state of the kidneys, according to many experts, the state depends on the muscles of the pelvis and hips.In other words, the supercooling legs may cause zastuzhennyh kidneys and lead to the development of os
teoarthritis.Interestingly, supporters of traditional medicine practiced by a special foot massage in diseases of the kidney.

In the most profound part of human foot there is a point, which is the beginning of the so-called kidney meridian.He climbs up the inside of the foot through the ankle of the leg, pass through the lower back directly to the kidney, capturing and organs of the urogenital system.That is why very often the cause of impotence in men is becoming a common cold caused by hypothermia feet.If the cold and have not recovered to carry on their feet, as so often like to do modern men, the risk is great to finish my early sexual activity.The same goes for women.

Another thing, when the feet are always freezing.And not in the street, and in the warmth of home.Your husband calmly walks barefoot through the apartment, and you have cold feet, even in woolen socks and fluffy slippers.Familiar situation?For women - yes.Because the female body so constituted.Muscle mass we have less than men, the ratio of hormones is also different, and the rate of metabolism is different.All of these factors together affect the blood flow in the limbs.

Basically, cold feet - a normal reaction to any hypothermia.But if the limbs are cold for no apparent reason, then you need to pay attention to their health.Thus, increased or reduced pressure may affect blood flow to the leg joints.By the way, the main enemy vessels - cholesterol, which clogs them and hinders the flow of blood to the extremities.Hence, the constant feeling of cold in the legs.Constantly merznuschie legs and some other diseases - they can identify only a doctor.

legs may feel cold because of the uncomfortable shoes.Narrow noses often squeeze the foot, and boots were occluded vessels.Hence the lack of blood flowing to the tissues of the feet, and as a result, feeling cold.To

legs do not feel cold, you need to follow the simple rules.Firstly, to dress for the weather.But also do not have to wrap up - overheating can threaten a violation of thermoregulation.Second, try to eat more foods containing vitamin C, which helps to restore the flexibility of joints.

There is still a way to get rid of the feeling of cold in the legs - hardening.This procedure, incidentally, is also useful for the prevention of hypothermia feet fall and winter.Just before the start quenched, check with your doctor, because not every person, this procedure is shown for reasons of health.