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How to Avoid Food Poisoning

history of one bacterium
Speaking from a medical point of view, the poisoning - is any disease or disorder caused by the penetration into the body of harmful toxic substances.These substances can be of any origin: from rattlesnake venom to harmful bacteria.Food poisoning is just associated with these bacteria.So, currently lives in the light of any infection, such as the bacterium Salmonella, perched on a soft and mellow but dirty peach.And then he eats it frivolous girl who does not even bother to clean up the peach.Here bacteria and flourishes.It penetrates into the stomach and intestine, and begins to actively proliferate, as long as the number of its children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and reaches that number, where they cause inflammation.A huge number of bacteria and their metabolic products to start again to destroy the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.The external manifestation of this scourge - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and acute pain in the abdomen.But our bacteria a
nd these are your troubles may seem insufficient, and then it begins to penetrate into the bloodstream and cause a general intoxication of the organism - to make do with the symptoms of high fever, sudden drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness.

general, as it is scary, but any, even the most seemingly trifling poisoning can be fatal, but do not panic.Yet the vast majority of ailments caused by poisoning, takes place quite easily and without the unfortunate consequences.However, there are people at high risk, it is the elderly, small children, people whose body is already weakened by chronic illness or recent illness.They can be observed violations of the usual functions of certain organs.For example, some types of toxins can lead to the development of chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, hepatitis and renal failure.But this, fortunately, is not common, but not so on goiter, which is considered as the most frequent companion of food poisoning, and the period after undergoing toxic attacks.This, of course, is not fatal, but very frustrating, and time and money to get rid of this scourge often spend a lot.

How to protect
Some wary look askance at the different kinds of dairy products, while others are suspicious of fish, blaming it for all the troubles with the stomach, still others sin for fruits and vegetables.However, it turns out, it is not in the type of products.Open, maybe for someone a secret: there is virtually no such products (with a few exceptions, which see below), which would be more or less dangerous from a toxicological point of view.If something becomes cause of poisoning, then it is not in the product itself, and in violation of any of its manufacture, or cultivation, or failure occurred during transportation or storage, and maybe the fact that we did it as something not soprepared.

How to be sure exactly what to you in the mouth does not get malicious poison?All very simple.Do you remember what my mother taught you as a child?Here are the rules we now recall.
  1. shelf life.How often do you check you are in the store jars with yogurt or sour cream, checking the date of manufacture and shelf life?No?And to do this, it turns out, you should always, otherwise you risk not finish the evening with your favorite movies, and in the arms of a white friend in the toilet.Expired even one day product might already be dangerous.
  2. product damage.Do not buy food in damaged packaging or impaired, as through this dent or torn package could get inside the bacteria multiply and there very quickly.If fruits or vegetables you see dark spots, do not buy them.Even if you srezhesh damaged portion putrid toxins might have to penetrate deep into the fruit.
  3. Water treatments.This is the golden rule, if you do not want to pick up any infection, always before eating all my food, which may be washed.The first is, of course, vegetables and fruits.They must be well rinsed in running water, and even if they peel that you're not going there (bananas, oranges), and for greater reliability better douse them with boiling water and more, especially if you give them to children.
  4. Check the appearance and smell.If a product has changed its natural color on a suspicious and even more so when it went by the strange unusual smell, feel free to submit it to the trash.After all stale products - is one that is already full feasting bacteria and other microorganisms (this process is called putrid) - why do you have to eat someone else's leftovers?
Products, which always have to be careful
There are several products in circulation which should always keep an eye on, because almost a third of all food poisoning falls on this fateful trinity, therefore they should get to know.

addition to simple bacteria whose introduction into the gastrointestinal tract causing intestinal disorders, there is a more dangerous enemy - bacteria botulism.They even found sometimes in canned foods.If this bacterium falls into the human body, it may lead to paralysis and often ends in death.Dangerous sore can manifest itself from one hour to several days after consumption of canned food.Only timely medical care could save the patient from certain death.In order not to be in such a terrible situation, do not buy canned goods with it is not clear who and if a jar of canned swelled - vzbrasyvay it immediately.

Alcohol Alcohol - it is itself a toxin in large quantities can cause very serious poisoning.But it is much more dangerous - counterfeit alcohol products with the strongest poison - methyl alcohol.This poison getting into the human body, causing irreversible consequences - almost 100% of people lose vision, and if at the time did not apply to the medical institution, the confluence of the high risk of coma and stopping and brain damage that is not compatible with life.And the danger fraught with not only a bottle of fake vodka, bought under the counter, but expensive alcohol, for example, bought at the bar of a foreign hotel - we all remember the sad story that occurred with Russian tourists on holiday in Turkey two years ago...

Mushroom poisoning can cause not only a pale toadstool toadstools and other, even ordinary white or honey agaric can be dangerous.As you know, the mushroom - a kind of sponge, which absorbs all the harmful substances from the earth, especially heavy metals and toxins.Therefore harmless at first sight Boletus, a history which - a difficult childhood near the expressway, it may contain a considerable amount of toxic elements.To avoid trouble, gather mushrooms as far from the road and just outside the city.And buy mushrooms is only in a store or from reliable mushroom.Especially you risk if priobretesh already prepared - salted or pickled mushrooms: this is quite difficult to distinguish a mushroom varieties, besides there is no guarantee that before the mushrooms are well washed seaming.

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