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Diet for weight loss Japanese

It is important to connect the mind to the process of losing weight, emotional needs.During the diet (and better - constantly) you need to think of what you are beautiful, young and slim, light as a bird.We recommend to buy chopsticks.This change will help you to feel the importance of the process of weight loss and confidence in the success of his undoubted result.Cook food with desire, eat slowly.The Japanese diet - is the process of introspection.You watch yourself, your feelings - and getting better!

main condition following the Japanese diet - not to interrupt it;not to change the components of the diet (food) and their number even if they seem to you to be interchanged.

Within 13 days of the diet you are banned sugar, bread, salt and alcohol.From fruits to eliminate bananas and grapes.Eggs have only cooked (boiled).Water you can drink as much as necessary.For pregnant women and nursing mothers diet should be postponed for a more favorable time.The rest can take a multivitamin.

The day before starting the diet is recommended to take a light supper.For example, you can eat a little boiled rice (150g), vegetable salad of cucumbers, radishes, Chinese cabbage or cucumbers, sweet peppers and tomatoes (100-150g).Salad season with quite a small amount of olive oil and vinegar.It is better to do without salt or minimum quantity.

first day diet
Cup of black coffee (certainly without sugar).Coffee will certainly natural, but natural coffee contains antioxidants.The so-called "instant" coffee is better not to drink at all, especially during a diet.Coffee strength - to your liking.

vegetables and eggs.Two eggs, salad from fresh or lightly boiled cabbage or Chinese cabbage, olive or sesame oil.Number salad - unlimited.Dine leisurely, with pleasure.Think only about the good, of how you are beautiful, slim and young.Use chopsticks to "Zen" attitude.
After lunch - a glass of tomato juice (preferably freshly squeezed) must be without salt.

Fish (any of your choice).Fish (200 - 250g) may boil in a steamer or in water, it is also possible to fry a small amount of olive oil.

Menu Japanese diet

1 day Breakfast: Black coffee.
Lunch: 2 eggs, coleslaw, tomato juice.
Dinner: boiled or fried fish (200-250g).
2 hours
Breakfast: Black coffee, toast bread with bran or rye bread.
Lunch: salad of cabbage and vegetables with vegetable oil, fish, boiled or fried.Vegetables select at will: cucumbers, greens, radishes, tomatoes.
Dinner: boiled beef (100g), yogurt (one cup).

3 day Breakfast: black coffee and rusks.
Lunch: zucchini (large), cut into slices and fried in vegetable oil (olive or sesame).
Dinner: 200g boiled beef, 2 boiled eggs, cabbage salad with vegetable oil (corn, sunflower, olive or sesame).

4 day Breakfast: black coffee.
Lunch: boiled carrots (3 large carrots) with vegetable oil, 15g hard cheese, raw egg.The options you can eat two carrots and a third cut, mix with grated cheese, sprinkle with olive oil.
Dinner: fruit.Dinner is better to eat in two steps.
5 hours
For breakfast: fresh carrots with the addition of lemon juice.
Lunch: fish fried or boiled, tomato juice.
Dinner: fruit.
6 hours
Breakfast: black coffee.
Lunch: half of boiled chicken with the skin removed, and fat-free salad of carrots or cabbage.
Dinner: 2 eggs, raw carrots, mixed with vegetable oil (200g).

7 day Breakfast: green tea.
Lunch: boiled beef (200g), a small amount of fruit.
Dinner: any of the preceding embodiments, except for the menu of the third day.
8 hours
menu is the same as on the 6th day.
9 hours
menu is the same as on the 5th day.
10 hours
menu is the same as on the 4th day.
11 hours
menu is the same as on the third day.
12 hours
menu is the same as on day 2.
13 hours
menu is the same as on day 1.

It is important to consolidate the effect of weight loss do not eat much food the day after the "official" end of a diet.It is better to do a set of products from those you have used for 13 days.It is very important not once, but be sure to gradually return to the sweet.It is possible, after the Japanese diet you will not so much pull for dessert!

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