Slimming // On cereals

Barley Diet

most correct and appropriate solution to the problem of extra kilos izbavleniyacheloveka - is to begin to eat porridge without dobavleniyamasla, sugar and salt.Barley diet provides neposredstvennoupotreblenie food pearl barley.This porridge is one of the cheapest, and it is made from whole grain barley.Barley slavitsyavysokim content of nutrients, these include iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.Moreover, your body will be able to enrich vitaminamiE, PP and Group B. But the amino acid lysine can give you a sense of bystrogopolnotsennogo saturation.

Pearl barley accelerates collagen production, so you can not only lose weight but also to rejuvenate.After all, we all know chtokollagen - a substance that is responsible for the structural condition of our skin.Ondelaet it supple, soft, smooth and support youth.

Pearl barley - a kind of nucleus yachmennogozerna, held processing, but, in turn, has a grain barley obolochku.Blagodarya it is very useful to the human body.Many peopl

e think that barley porridge is very difficult to digest by the body, but in fact etonikak does not belong to the truth, because even children can it be eaten to enrich the body with beneficial vitamins and substances.

Pearl barley is rich in proteins, due kotorymorganizm can cope with allergies related to dietary or environmental factors.Moreover, perlovkeprisutstvuet fiber that cleanses the entire body of toxins and impurities, aeto in turn is very important to clean up rabotyzheludochno-intestinal system.

Plus diet is that it does not require a lot of costs and at the same time provides excellent results.All you need - it is water, and pearl barley.

duration of the diet - five days.During this time vydolzhny drink plenty of water, but you should remember that the teas and juices uncounted.During the diet it is recommended to drink only pure water mineralnuyunegazirovannuyu.Of course, this diet requires a lot of effort because onaochen monotonous and rigid, not everyone will be able to sustain it.But as the end posletogo your diet, you can see that instead mucheniyamprishel excellent results in the form of spent extra kilos.

specialists, nutritionists perlovoysisteme responsible attitude to weight loss and well calculated how will go the extra kilogrammykazhdy day.This makes it possible to know how fast the weight comes protsesspoteri.

first two or three days of weight decrease of zatogo that clean the intestines and remove excess fluid from the body and posleetogo every day, you can lose one kilogram, in addition, budetuhodit subcutaneous fat, which is what he wants to achieveEvery woman sitting nadiete.

Kakprigotovit barley porridge?

You must remember that the barley is cooked dostatochnodlitelnoe time, so it must be pre-soaked in water nadesyat twelve hours (200 grams of cereals per liter of clean water).Already swollen krupusleduet add water (about two to three cups) and simmer vtechenie hour.Remember that if you cook without rump predvaritelnogozamachivaniya, you will need much more time.After kashabudet is ready, remove it from heat and wrap in a towel so that it "reached."If suddenly you forget to soak overnight rump, then it is washed and pour boiling water and after a couple of hours vysmozhete begin cooking.Take a mental note that poslevarki porridge expands somewhere five times.

Menyuperlovoy diet - the first option

first option menu dostatochnoskudny barley diet, because it is no diversity.Throughout pyatidney you should eat tolkol barley porridge, you will cook on the water without the addition of salt, Saharan oil.In addition to porridge, you can drink herbal teas, green teas without isahara honey and mineral water.

Menyuperlovoy diet - the second option

This option provides ratsionpitaniya barley diet is not entirely uniform, because it can be extended to seven days.

For breakfast you can eat barley porridge without solii oil, but are allowed to add one grated apple green or vyalenyychernosliv.

For lunch you should eat barley porridge without Maslaiev salt, 100 grams of meat or fish, and fresh vegetable salad.

For dinner you can eat 250 grams of yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese 100gramm.Drink mozhetetolko non-carbonated mineral water and green tea without any additions.

Menyuperlovoy diet - the third option

Many women do not adhere to the diet, kotoryypredusmatrivaet diet and make up their own versions of such adherence sistemypitaniya.Some people porridge and spices added to it, for example, thyme, curry, pepper.Other except for porridge and eat more sweet-sour fruits, and vegetables.

Pokazaniyai contraindications

Specialists do not just have pearl barley in list the most useful products because it not only helps deliver otlishnih kilograms, but also improves health.Furthermore, trace elements, which is rich in barley, good for digestion.This again speaks Otomi that if the diet is not more than seven days, then it is not imeetnikakih contraindications.On the contrary, it is very useful.But before you sit on this diet, as well as any other and wherein the diet should consult a doctor.Re-sit Natak diet nutritionists recommend no more frequently than once every 1.5-2 months.


Women kotoryeisprobovali this system of weight loss claim that tried many diets, but only barley was able to provide the desired result, moreover, goes bolshevsego fat on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.Of course, over the vseydiety need to meet and endure the monotony, but the result is stoit.Prakticheski all the fair sex say that for every sutkiuhodit kilogram of excess weight and the weight after the diet is not refundable.Other women say that it perlovayadieta helped them bring the body in order after the birth.Of course, in addition dietyrekomenduetsya even play sports.

Good luck!