Children // Adolescents

The teenager - no longer a child but not yet an adult

How to be able to maintain a friendly relationship with the child in his adolescence?How to make him understand that you are like no other, you wish him luck?

In adolescence, the child seems to be that his problems are global so that he himself can not solve them.This is where you should come to the rescue, but unobtrusively.Do not include your child what he needs to do, even if it takes all the decisions himself.You must first and foremost be an older friend, but not a strict teacher.The teenager - it's not a baby, he is able to get out of their own problems first.Just be there, he will appreciate your participation.

It adolescents appear secrets and mysteries that they cherish and do not allow parents to have learned something.Give your child the right to keep his personal life, because so he grows up.Yet we must be aware of the common events of his personal life.To do this, you can make a night of revelations.Look at the film together, ride on roller skates, sit in a cafe.Joint pastime tunes teenag

er to be frank.Do not force him to tell you something, start it: tell him about his first school of love, that you are at his age secretly wrote poetry or something in that spirit, and then ask him.Let him know that you are in no way negatively tuned to his personal affairs.

Teens sometimes choose their friends who are not very popular with their parents.If the child has started to deal with bad company, your inhibitions can only aggravate the situation, he can do anything to spite you, to show that he is an adult and has the right to choose his own friends.It would be better if you are in a suitable situation, specify the shortcomings of his friends, who see everything but him.If it comes to serious things such as alcohol and drugs, then the situation is different.There must be clear and sharp "no" (and best man).When will the first wave of anger and resentment, try to capture something of the child.Think about what he likes to be engaged and, on this basis, come up with hobbies.Hobby is very important for a child, it not only acts Didactic, but also creates the right mental attitude towards him - the teenager begins to realize himself as a person something meaningful.Sometimes the right choice hobbies gives the teenager a purpose in life.

Spend more time together, worked together chores: tidying up together, cook something delicious, go shopping, walk, talk.It is important to give the young person to express his personal opinion, and also to participate in solving its problems.This is brings.

Perhaps the biggest problem for a teenager - is its appearance.Teens (especially girls) are always dissatisfied with age-related changes, which are often reflected in their face: oily skin, pimples.Explain to your child that it passes through all that with time things will get better, you should not notice any ridicule of peers, it is better to treat everything with humor.After all the beautiful swans grow from ugly ducklings.

period of adolescence - the most difficult in my life.Go through it with your child, help him in everything, do not criticize him, become his good friend, and if everyone in your family will be well.