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Adolescence and its challenges

Adolescence and its difficulties.If the child's moral goal in this period, he begins to prove its right to exist all unimaginable ways.Boys usually start smoking and drinking in adolescence, do not come home at night, or stay up late on the street not to hear sermons parents skip school.Girls snapping can also skip school, begin sexual activity early.Girls looking for tenderness and love, where it is given, or at the time it seems that it is love.These children show their "I", if the parents do not come to their senses in time and did not pay attention to the child's behavior, then it will be difficult to stop the process of the formation of character.

in adolescence teenager becoming character come certain difficulties, the boys get into serious trouble and may even be imprisoned.A girl with the search for love, become mothers at an early age.According to psychologists, that the daughters under 12 years old must educate Pope affection and attention.And the sons have to educate mothers, as affectio

n and attention.Do not punish children is to anything good will not, you just have to be patient during adolescence, and help the child to understand himself not through the belt, and with conversations, properly structured dialogue.If the parents themselves can not cope need to see a psychologist who will always help and suggest how to act in a given situation.

If your daughter came home and said that she is pregnant and will give birth in any case, do not send her to have an abortion.You ruined the life of himself and her, she will remember you in the future, that you did not support it.There is nothing wrong in the birth of the child, and not have to think about what your daughter will break your life this.No, it will be a good mother to her baby, and you just help her in this.And believe me, when the grandchild is born, you will be the happiest of his grandparents.

Son in any case do not turn that he has done little else in their lives.It should always be aware that he has a home and family, where his love and expect.Whatever he was, he was just a child lost in this vast world of temptations.And the family, the parents order and are in this world, to help your child find himself.Inherit love it and gather a great harvest!