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What diseases hiding hair loss?

Volosyvypadayut a nest circle.Form small baldness.This is called alopecia tipvypadeniya.The disease is called microsporia.That is utterly settled fungus eats your hair.In general, the fungus is eating everything on chemzhivet.If this wall, the resulting building may collapse.Irazmnozhatsya can live on the skin on the nail.What to do in such cases?Etoposetit doctor, who will examine the area of ​​hair loss and naznachitsootvetstvuyuschie drugs that aimed at the destruction of the fungus.Lechitsyalegko.One and the most important cause of this type of baldness yavlyaetsyanesoblyudenie hygiene.Therefore, prevention is considered its observance -mytsya every day, the head at least once per week for long hair.Dlyasredney length wash 2-3 times a week.For short - every day or cherezden.The shorter the hair, the more likely they are dirty.

disease schitovidnoyzhelezy

In this situation, the hair falls out evenly throughout golove.Oni are very rare, they are few.This type is called totalnyy.Pr

ichinoy is low thyroid function.Zhelezyuvelicheny thyroid in size, slows down the metabolic processes in the body.In rezultateetogo thinning hair and become brittle.With this form of the disease mozhetrazvitsya depression, a person feels fatigue, apathy.The reason uvelicheniyaschitovidnyh nodes can serve as a lack of the hormone.It is treated fairly prosto.Neobhodimo visit a doctor who will prescribe a special tablet - gormonyschitovidnoy cancer.

High soderzhaniegormonov

There is another type of hair loss.But he otnositsyatolko men.They have no hair on top, bald head is formed, and at the bottom, pokrayam head hair is.This is due to the fact that this person bolshoesoderzhanie hormones - testosterone.As a result, a man going bald.

Lack of vitamins

Well, probably the most common cause of loss hair- do not have enough of certain vitamins in the body.Most often it is defitsitkaltsiya.You can drink a course of multivitamins pharmacy, you can buy one tolkokaltsy.But better to use him more food.Everybody knows that etotvitamin found in large quantities in dairy products.These produktamotnosyatsya: cottage cheese, cow's milk, goat's milk, sour cream, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, butter, cream.It is necessary for growth and beauty hair vitamin A. Onsoderzhitsya mainly in carrots.

This article describes the main causes of hair loss ito what diseases this process hides.But there are many drugihvariantov.Therefore it is better not to engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment, an experienced aobratitsya.He just put your diagnosis vypishetretsept if necessary.And after the course of treatment you will again radovatsyasvoim hair.The main thing not to forget to take care zanimi do vitamin mask.Use shampoos and balzamamidlya your hair type.Healthy whole hair.