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Diet Zhanna Friske

From a young age Zhanna Friske was keen dancing, dance classes are always devoting a lot of time.However, too intensive training led to the fact that she was growing muscle mass, and this fact does not suit her.Now Zhanna Friske has been dancing and fitness on the individual program, specifically designed for her coach.Her physical activities include going to the gym three times a week, aerobics and swimming in the pool.The advantage of these physical activities is their comprehensive approach, whereby all groups of muscles are in good shape.

little secret of this remarkable singer, helps to maintain the beautiful appearance and is an important advice from her optimistic attitude towards life.And of course, a special diet Zhanna Friske.

Terms diet of the singer Zhanna Friske

Zhanna Friske is convinced that strict diet and regular fasting days will not give long-term results, and it made her long to give them up.Rule of her life is a separate power supply.In addition, it restricts the use of diff

icult to digest, high-calorie foods and flour.For a long time the singer respects the fundamental orthodox posts and fasting days, 2 times a week.

But on the other hand, Zhanna Friske from time to time, indulge itself is not the most useful and dietary dishes, not forgetting confectionery.Singer believes that you can not ever deny yourself the pleasure, it can lead to a nervous breakdown.

Jeanne is a lover of Japanese cuisine, which helps it to maintain the beautiful shape of the figure, because the Japanese dishes contain a huge amount of useful substances to the body and thus are low-calorie and fat.

Zhanna Friske We have not one, but several diets.Among them a special place is given to therapeutic feeding.The duration of this diet is 7 days, during which time you can reduce the weight of several kilograms.The essence of the diet is in a separate feed, in other words, when it is impossible to use the same meal and proteins and carbohydrates.You can drink only non-carbonated mineral or drinking water, and green tea.During this diet should forget about black tea, juices, coffee, flour products and sugary foods.Dinner - no later than 18 hours, must be the last meal.

Another version of the diet singer Zhanna Friske is to limit the use of meat no more than three days a week.However, once a week you can afford to enjoy the small amount of sweets.I must say that the effect of such a diet is simply stunning.If you want to lose a few kilos, stay on it, the more that this diet will not affect your health badly.The harm caused by the body to carbonated beverages and the use of a separate food are obvious and undeniable.

Advice on power Zhanna Friske

  • Do not combine carbohydrate and protein foods, so as not to provoke a set of excess weight.
  • Train yourself to dinner until seven o'clock in the evening.
  • daily drink up to two liters of drinking water (non-carbonated mineral), it favors the cleansing of the body.
  • Meat dishes eat no more than three times a week.
  • Limit consumption of high-calorie sugary desserts, do not use them more than once a week.
  • From drinks recommended to drink green tea.

So diet Friske, who are so interested in women - a separate power supply in combination with a mobile lifestyle and a positive attitude.

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