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Recommendations for lazy people who do not want to get fat

1. Do not deprive yourself of your favorite foods.
American nutritionists soothe us, that we should not totally give up the foods that we like.No dish is not to encourage weight gain, the value has its portion.

2. Get out of the table with a feeling of easy hunger
Here we played along long been known rule of table manners: educated woman should put on the table fork after each swallowed a piece.Due to this cleverly, you just do not have time to overeat beyond the norm.

3. Make sure that your proposed platter of vegetables at least half.
secret is simple: the fiber contained in vegetables and water will fill your stomach without unnecessary calories.

4. Decide what you like best.If
unlimited selection of products (chips, nuts, candy, grapes, etc.), as would be desirable and that, and another, it is best to stick to something one, for example, take the bag of peas or salted peanuts.

5. Always start dinner with a salad or soup.
In accordance with the recommendation of nutritionists, you eat
meals low in calories and definitely leaving less room for the main course.

6. Leaving the restaurant, leave a quarter of your meal on a plate.
The logic is very simple: the portions are usually twice as much as we need.

7. Avoid dehydration
When we feel that hungry, then this is a mistake.In fact, just thirsty.Try for a day to drink eight glasses of water.Add lemon to be and more vitamins and pleasant aroma.

8. Do not limit yourself to eating during the day, so as not hungry at night.
If you normally eat during the day, the damage to the contents of your refrigerator in the evening and night time will be minimal.

9. Do not eat in front of TV.
But if it really wants something to "chew" at an interesting TV show or TV show, it's best to bite something rich in fiber.Popcorn or fruit will fill you fewer calories than other "sweets".

10. When going to a party, not hurt to eat something light.
If advance to eat a handful of nuts or some fruit, then you will not be greedily pounce on the proposed options.

11. If you are hungry - you need to eat.
Be prepared for the fact that during the day you are hungry.Why would you wear in her purse fruit or bags of food.Nutritionists advise to use the menu harmless fruit and nut bars, muesli or in restaurants.

12. Be a vegetarian from time to time.
Nutritionists say that our body needs periodic rest from animal proteins.

13. Choose whole grains and avoid white flour.
can not completely remove carbohydrates from the diet.Whole grains will support the desired level of blood sugar and give in the required amount of vitamins and minerals.But white flour quickly turn into sugar in your body, and if you do not burn exercise, it will manifest itself in the form of fat on your tummy.

14. Be physically active for at least three hours a week.
Nutritionists categorically require a visit to the gym you, even if it means waking up an hour earlier.It can replace a walk after dinner, or get off the bus or subway a few stops earlier.Even a car can be left a little bit further than you normally do, and then walk peshochkom.

15. Physical exercise - not a panacea for weight gain.
Going to the gym after a giant dessert does not guarantee that you are using the simulator will be able to compensate for the resulting calorie "infusion" in your body.Only the correct healthy diet determines grow fat or you'll lean physique.

16. Do not eat after dinner.
Nutritionists openly scoff at our naivete: Dinner gives us the calories and calories - the energy.So why do we need energy, if you want to sleep?In her spending?

17. Do not eat out of the package.
Do not worry, in a sanitary sense, everything is clean.Just to know how much you consume tempting snacks (chips, nuts), pour the contents of the packet onto a plate.This will allow you to navigate in the amount eaten, then you will at some point decide whether it is time to stop this unstoppable process of overeating.

18. Beware of artificial sweeteners.
presence of these components in the products leads to bloating, causes fatigue.The main danger - get used to it.Nutritionists recommend natural sweets - honey or maple syrup, in extreme cases - a teaspoon of sugar.In a teaspoon of only sixteen calories.

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