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Helps you lose weight vibromassazhery?

Vibrating Most of us have seen for the first time in advertising, where a fragile refined girl standing near a small rack with straps by which alternately massaging the waist, the hips."In total some 5-10 minutes of massage each day, and you are not afraid of cellulite ..." - said a seductive voice-over narration.And we wanted so much to believe, but the prices were sky-high, and in those days to give a monthly income of their family, even for beautiful hips dare not many.Today everything has changed radically.On the market there was a myriad of Vibro, they cost 30 dollars and buy a miracle of technology under force, in principle, anyone.And does it make sense?

In some cases, help vibromassazhery?

Vibro were designed only for passive massage of varying intensity.For example, I came home after work, you feel pain, you have a stiff spin.We took a manual massage, applied to the skin herbal cream cinquefoil or larkspur, then promassazhirovali "disturbing" spot massager and calmly lay down to rest.After

this massage happen rush of blood to the places that you massage, warm up the muscles and you will feel relief.

a particular example.You will strictly comply with the diet, every morning run or go to the fitness.Do you have the desire to make your body beautiful and slim for the summer season.In the process of how you lose weight, the skin loses its elasticity, after school fitness muscle ache, and you get up to the Vibro, select the tape rollers and massaging problem areas.The skin becomes tighter, improves blood circulation.It reduces the number of unnecessary toxins and excess fluid disappears.

vibro helps relieve muscle cramps, rheumatic pain, strengthen muscles, improve the state (tone) of the skin, improves blood circulation and relaxes very well.But to fully get rid of cellulite and in order to lose weight, vibromassazhery not help - it's just a publicity stunt.

What are vibromassazhery?

Today in retail chains and stores a huge selection of Vibro many different forms and methods of action.For convenience, we divide them into two classes: hand-held devices and floor.

Vibro hand - a small-sized devices, their main purpose - a relaxing massage of the face, head and body.They are low cost and the fact that usually operate from mains or battery.The composition of such Vibro may include up to 7 different types of nozzles to massage different parts of the body, as well as the nozzle with rollers, which is designed for deep massage the soft tissue (especially useful for cellulite).

Floor vibromassazhery - these devices are constantly at one time advertised on television.Buy this instrument is not everyone can afford.In addition to the cost of acquiring it, is to think about where you put it.Floor vibromassazhery rather cumbersome, although modern massager made with fashionable design, and they perfectly fit into the home environment.However, for the beauty will have to pay.The kit even the cheapest model Vibro at least includes three belts - simple (for rubs massaging lumbar) with rollers (for massaging the waist and hips), and cross (for massaging the neck and back).Especially popular model, the kit including tape anti-cellulite massage - "a thousand fingers."There are also short tape for massaging the feet and hands.Expensive models are equipped with additional equipment, such as timers and counters to count calories.

now understand, is it worth to pay for inpatient concussor.All those who use landline concussor, there is one and the same problem - usually very active this device is used only in the first month after the acquisition.Eventually the excitement subsides to it, partly due to the fact that not reached the promised magical result.

If you pay much attention to your body properly and eat well, exercise consistently, the regular use of Vibro certainly improve the condition of the skin.And it is much more economical than going to a massage therapist.In this case, we use Vibrating right after taking a bath (with tub, add five drops of citrus oil, a glass of milk and a handful of sea salt).But no illusions that cellulite will disappear once and for all.Make ten treatments (massage bathtub), then rest for two or three weeks and then spend ten sessions.Cellulite becomes less noticeable and the skin supple.

must remember that vibromassazhery themselves do not break down fats and help to lose weight, they only contribute to the conclusion of excess fluid!

impossible not to mention the popular today massager - vibropoyas and miostimulyator- "Butterfly." «Butterfly» similar hand massager.But you can use the device even when doing household chores, which is ideal for busy people. In ibropoyas - it is generally a big decision, because they can only use people with good health.

If any contraindications to the use of the device?

It is worth remembering that the vibration and the vibration massage is useful not for everyone.For many people, they are not that useful, and even, on the contrary, are dangerous.And before you decide to purchase, it is necessary to carefully read this section.

So, if you hypertensive , or have cardiovascular disease , thrombophlebitis , atherosclerosis , or you simply pregnant , it is not necessary to use a Vibrating.Vibromassage especially dangerous to women suffering fibroma or varicose veins .

Do not get involved in the use of Vibro before you decide to go to bed, and in general, do not abuse the unit, stretching session for more than half an hour.It's not all the reasons why you should not use Vibro, and we are strongly recommends you before making a purchase, check with your doctor.

Good luck choice!

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