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Cup massage against cellulite

therapist uses different types of cans for canned massage.There are banks of silicone plastic and glass.Each type has its pros cans.Silicone banks are convenient in that they do not break and can be transported without problems.But the effectiveness of silicone glass jars lose.Plastic jars are very fragile.Cup massage is often referred to as a vacuum, as if sucking a vacuum inside the can, thanks to which the bank adheres to the skin.Vacuum massage stimulates the upper skin layers, thereby regulating cell renewal, strengthens skin and normalizes the process of blood circulation.

on our skin is full of nerve endings.At the beginning of the session the therapist stimulates strong blood flow to the soft tissues.Due to the intensity of the processes, all processes are accelerated in the skin and reach maximum speed.As a result, quickly burned fat, muscles relax, toxins and wastes, the injured area become sensitive again.

Cup massage - is very effective, but no less painful.Of course, it is believed that a

good therapist does not leave bruises after their work, but not in this case.When can massage the skin may appear slight reddening.But they quickly pass, and already on the third massage pain is felt not so much.Cup massage is considered one of the most effective tools in the fight against cellulite.It stimulates the thighs and buttocks area, thereby burning fat.

Cup massage - this is a very powerful method, so it should not be used in areas close to internal organs, such as the chest or abdomen.There are at this type of massage and contraindications.Do not get carried away Cup massage, if you have a tendency to cancer, if you suffer from dilated veins, thrombosis or hypertension, or if the body's acute inflammatory processes occur.However, apart from cellulite, cupping massage can help in the treatment of bronchitis, osteoarthritis and pain in the muscles.Cup massage can continue relaxing massage, it can help relieve swelling and eliminate discomfort.

This anti-cellulite massage can be done alone at home, but you must know the basics of the method.Before massage Banks definitely need to be disinfected with alcohol, and the area where the procedure will be carried out, lubricate the usual massage oil.The Bank should be attached to the body carefully, if you want it to move freely.It is necessary to move the bank on the skin evenly and smoothly along the lymph nodes, but not touching them.Line movement can come up with themselves.

If you follow all the instructions and do massage properly, it will benefit the whole body.Massage cupping great help to the weaker sex in the struggle with cellulite.After all, it is difficult to cope with, because he is not afraid of the diet, and he is afraid of direct exposure.Now there are so many anti-cellulite creams and lotions, but the most effective is cupping massage.

How do cupping massage?

For best results, an independent massage is not very fit.It is better to use the services of a masseur, if you are relaxed during the procedure - it will be more useful.

At the beginning of the massage be sure to warm up the legs, buttocks, arms and thighs from bottom to top.It should not be lazy and use different methods of massage - kneading, stroking, rubbing, Tapping those areas where it will be carried out massages.

to improve the outcome of the massage, you can apply anti-cellulite oil, it will help the bank without any problems moving on the skin.To bank sucked, it is placed on the skin surface and a little push to the top.Massage is necessary to start from the bottom and gradually move up.Movement can be zigzag, circular, up and down.

sure that the bank could move freely, if not, then you need to let a little air.At the beginning of massage may seem very painful.All the session continues for 30-40 minutes, and it should do no more than 2-3 times per week, otherwise the result will go in the opposite direction.The whole course should be divided into 10-12 sessions.

We can massage has contraindications.Do not use it for skin diseases, tumors, blood disorders, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, thrombosis.If you have the legs for vascular mesh, it can massage them will only increase.Also massage should not be done in the abdomen, especially if there are problems with gynecology.In any case, before the massage is better to go consult a physician.

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