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Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub

Body scrubs - this is good for the body antitsillyulitnoe means.So let's correct the shape using the body scrub.

So, what is a cellulite scrub and what exactly you can do with them.With body scrubs can remove dead skin cells and prepare the skin for various procedures, improving blood flow to the surface of the body.When you use a scrub, it will automatically get a great mass of your body, which acts on the figure of grace.We adjust it with the help of this tool, as well as cleans the pores, making the skin becomes very soft and pleasant to the touch.

There are many scrubs that help make a woman beautiful.In this paper, we propose a few of the most popular recipes for scrubs that are absolutely fast and positive effect on the impact on women's skin.

So, what is the anti-cellulite body scrub can offer you, ladies?Probably, you first need to tell you about a special scrub prepared from coffee.It should be noted right away that it can make every woman.The ingredients for this scrub there any kitchen.Thi

s is a special agent for the body to help you get rid of many problems.

The first of these is, of course, cellulite.The fact that caffeine has many good properties.And one of them is an extremely positive impact on the skin.When coffee is applied to the surface of the skin, it helps fat cells properly distributed and thus preserves and protects the woman from the formation of cellulite in the most problematic areas.

But the fight against cellulite - it's not the only advantage of the coffee scrub.It also helps get rid of varicose veins, and because this disease affects many women.And almost all believe that by quite impossible to get rid of varicose veins.But this is not so.And that women, too, can help the coffee scrub.The fact is that caffeine and then executes his good deed.It helps reduce blood vessels that form in the legs sprockets, forcing many women to be ashamed of, and, over time, completely cure varicose veins from.

Now, proceed directly to the recipe of this wonderful scrub.In order to make it necessary to take only three ingredients: coffee, sugar or salt morskuya and massage oil.Of course, all the ingredients must be used for the preparation of a specific proportion.Take two cups of ground coffee (not instant), ½ cup sugar or sea salt and two-thirds of a tablespoon of massage oil.Ingredients can be very cheap, because in this case, the price and the company that produces goods, did not affect the quality of the scrub, which eventually turn out.

Once you have all the ingredients in the right proportions, mix them in a bowl.To scrub your get even more efficient and enjoyable, it can add some more ingredients.For example, yellow sugar scrub gives additional opportunities to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.In addition, he has a wonderful smell.Therefore, if you are using antitsillyulitny scrub with the addition of this ingredient, your skin will smell wonderful.Also, for added odor of cinnamon and vanilla extract.Well, if you really in your scrub will be a special perfume oil, it is a wonderful fragrance after use your skin just is guaranteed.If you wish to make a scrub with a stock, you need to double all the basic ingredients.Well, auxiliary components may be added in an amount that will count yourself the best.The fact that different people have different perceptions of smells.Therefore, someone he can seem too harsh, but someone - generally imperceptible.When using scrubs, do not forget about certain precautions.For example, a body scrub with perfume oils is not applied to the face, because the skin in these areas is very sensitive.Also, you need to know if you have any allergies to any of the components, otherwise, instead of to help yourself, you can harm your body.Apply ready antitsilyullitny need to scrub the skin moistened.It must be rubbing movements "around", and then rinse thoroughly.There is another recipe scrub for cellulite.This scrub made from sea salt.To make it, you need to take three quarters of a cup of sea salt, one tablespoon of jojoba oil, citrus oil capsules twenty and two tablespoons of almond oil.As you can see, this recipe is not as easy and accessible as the previous one.But, nevertheless, many women also use it.To prepare this scrub, you first need to pour salt into the pot, where all the ingredients are mixed.After that, you need a vessel to pour almond oil and then add all the other ingredients.Thereafter, the resulting mixture should be stirred thoroughly and cover any lid.Scrub can be stored in the refrigerator.

applied to the skin it must be like the coffee scrub massage movements.Ten minutes after the scrub was applied, it is necessary to rinse with cool water.Areas of application for this scrub - thighs and buttocks.

These are simple recipes to help you keep your skin in good shape, have a perfect figure and look like a real beauty queen.