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Beautiful scarf-knitting cat

yarn: wool (white) Novita -70g (100g / 270m), acrylic (brown) Adelia «Ivia» - 70 grams (100g / 200m)
yarn consumption: 140 g Spokes
: circular number4.5 and №2,5 (2 pieces)
sewing needle with a large eye
size of the scarf: 10,5h90sm.
density of knitting: 1cm = 2,5 n. Horizontal

How to tie a scarf original child - step by step guide that consists

scarf children of 6 parts: the body of a cat with paws, loop-collar, tail, snout, two ears.

start knitting with paws:

  1. on circular needles № 4,5 recruit 5 loops and knit 4 rows facial loops.Purl rows as provyazyvaem - facial.In each new row first loop is removed, the latter makes the wrong.
  2. in 4 series add 2 loops and knit 4 more rows.Increase the number up to 9 loops provyazyvaem 5 series and introduce brown thread.Knit 3 rows of facial, a number of 4 - backing.Thus, knit until 28 rows, alternating colors.

  3. recruit additional 8 loops - it will seal breast, cut the thread, to promote this part (leg loops and 8) on the line
    and on the same needles on the same principle as the first, knit the second foot.

  4. reach the 16 series and combine knitting.

Now knit scarf basis - 4 times we repeat the basic pattern.(See. Diagram)

Tip: make sure that when changing thread colors contrasting stripes woven into the basic fabric, or in the finished product, they will act sloppy around the edges.

Hind feet:

  1. Provyazyvaem 9s., Close 8p - central, knit following 9s.
  2. further operating procedure is the same as with the front paws, but in the mirror: no increase, diminish and - 9s., 7n., 5n - close the series.
  3. return for the second leg - and also vyvyazyvayut it.

collar loop:

At a distance of 12 cm. From the bottom of the scarf (not the tips of the paws!), Side spokes №2,5 lift 6loops and knit band length of 28 cm., alternating pattern every 4 rows.Then sew-finished collar loop at two locations - at the rear portion obliquely to the base legs, the front parts - horizontal width scarf.Watch as the photo.


  1. On the opposite side of the scarf to the rear, at a distance of 6 cm from the base lift 7 loops on knitting needles № 2,5 and knit, alternating pattern to 20 rows, then adds 2loop.
  2. in 26 series - a further increase 2petli.Knit until the total length of the tail will not be 14 cm.
  3. Closing the loop in three steps.


  1. We collect 12 loops of white yarn.
  2. With 4 rows to add in each even number of 1 st to 18P., Provyazyvaem 4ryada and begin to diminish: in each even number one loop to 12P.
  3. then three reception closes the loop.The muzzle should get a slightly convex.Immediately embroider her nose, mouth and sew on the collar.

Tip: white muzzle better sew brown thread - it will add special originality to the image of a cat.


  1. dial 9 n. White yarn, knit 4 rows, change to brown and diminish 2 loops.
  2. Further, a series of 10 still diminish 2petli in 12ryadu - 2petl and closing number.
  3. ears sewn on muzzle.

product assembly

  1. embroider eyes seal and "claw" on the foot.
  2. on the collar, you can add a bow or embroider the baby's name.

So, our scarf is ready!

Such a knit scarf can be worn in several different ways: the classic way to tie, throw on top thanks to a special collar or eyelet-collar, worn on the principle of a tie.The position of the "cat" will always be different.Be creative and raduyte their children unusual, original things associated with their hands.