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The most effective way to fight cellulite

What is cellulite?

fact that most of us recognize as cellulite is actually the outward symptoms of serious illness.Violations of the skin, the appearance of orange peel - it is only the initial symptoms.Contrary to popular belief, it is not just unattractive skin condition, but a serious disease of the connective tissue.
and wrinkled skin - are just the tip of the iceberg.Deteriorating external entail a manifestation of deeper changes that occur in connective tissue.This is a consequence of circulatory disorders, fat cells expand and retention of toxins in them.Although cellulite occurs in adipose tissue, but the causes and ways of removing it has nothing to do with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.This may be the result of a complex of factors, from the state of hormone levels in heredity.

Who is at risk?

estimated that 95% of women over the age of 20 years suffer from some degree of cellulite.This figure also includes women's sports, super models, women who lead a healthy lifestyle.In women

, cellulite appears in the form of corrugated skin, stretch marks, orange peel.Furthermore, in certain parts of the body in women it is the backup layer of fat that is not in men.Usually men not suffering from cellulite, since the device of subcutaneous fat is different from women.In women, the vessels are arranged perpendicular to the skin surface.In men, they cross each other, forming a less polygonal cells.The difference in cell shape and thickness of the skin of men makes them less prone to store fat and cellular deformation.

Cellulite often appears during hormonal changes, including at the end of puberty and during pregnancy.The natural process of aging may strengthen its external manifestations, because of the tendency to thinning of the skin.

most common form of cellulite

Compact cellulitis is characterized by hardening or fibrosis of the connective tissue, often due to poor lymphatic circulation.This type of cellulites is observed mainly in elderly women.Compact cellulitis, perhaps the most difficult to remove because it accumulates in the tissues deep for a long time.Touch this part of the body, which struck compact cellulite can be sensitive and even painful.

Water or cell cellulite contains more water than fat and is often defined as a hereditary disease.Women who have significantly lower body can suffer from watery development of cellulite in the thighs.This significantly violates the general line and the shape of the body.

local cellulite is more superficial than other types of cellulite.It is a classic example of the local cellulite, which often affects even the most slender women.As a rule, women who have suffered from this form of cellulite, it is advised to reduce his diet or exercise.But the result is often disappointing and frustrating.It does not help to cure the cellulite.

Cellulite is most common in the thigh and buttocks in all women.Today, medicine has a lot of new and improved tools and methods for determining the type of cellulite and destination of the most effective ways to combat cellulite.Before taking any action, you should consult a specialist to determine the type of illness that you are suffering.It is also an important cause of its occurrence, to recommend appropriate form of treatment.

most effective ways to combat cellulite

Fighting cellulite begins with proper nutrition and adequate intake of water.There are several types of foods that should be included in the diet, which can contribute to the healthy development of cells and tissues in your body.One of the most important nutrients - a protein.Be sure to include in the diet of proteins that are found in pure form in the meat in chicken and turkey, in legumes and nuts.In addition to proteins, experts recommend taking lecithin additionally or consume foods rich in lecithin.These products are tomatoes, spinach, soy and eggs.And finally - the fatty acids are also essential to maintain the health of cells.These acids are found in fish, nuts, avocados and olives.But in the battle against cellulite is not only what you eat.It is also important that you drink.The most important and useful drink in this case is pure water.The recommended dose is eight glasses of water a day.In addition, we recommend pomegranate juice and raspberry tea.

second means of cellulite - regular exercise.The fact do or do not you exercise, it has serious consequences for your health.When you consume more calories than the body can process - there is excess fat.This will undoubtedly affect the appearance of cellulite.In addition, exercise improves blood circulation and helping the process of removing toxins and prevent degradation of the cells in the body.Circulation can be improved through massage the affected area daily.But this will be discussed separately.

As a result, the eternal search for ways to eliminate cellulite, the market offers more and more new products in the form of creams, lotions, pills, supplements, even anti-cellulite shoes and pants.Although the elimination of cellulite all impact is minimal.No cream will not be effective without diet and regular exercise.Regular exercise leads to muscle tone, help burn calories and improve blood circulation, providing a direct impact on cellulite.A healthy diet low in fat and rich in antioxidants and liquid may help to prevent the appearance of cellulite, but can not reduce what already exists.At the same time, plastic surgery can improve body contours.The operation involves the removal of fat cells, but it does not directly affect the causes of cellulite.


One of the most popular and most effective ways to combat cellulite - it is anti-cellulite massage.This is a cosmetic procedure in which there is a removal of accumulated layers of fat with special equipment.It helps to get control of the deposition of fat in problem areas and improve metabolism.In women with a mild form of cellulite, this technique takes less time and provides faster results.Young women with normal body weight is usually takes about 10-15 procedures, while older with metabolic or hormonal problems, probably take about 20-25 procedures.Details of the procedure for each client individually, depending on the complexity of the diagnosis.Consultation with a specialist will determine the specifics of the problem and suggest the most appropriate solution.Simple massages are carried out every day or every other day.In principle, this type of massage can be done at home.But the treatment is more effective if it is carried out by experts and accompanied by the use of essential oils.They may have a warming or cooling effect, their purpose is to penetrate through the epidermis to the fat cells and the effect on them.Thus not only burns fat, but also eliminates stagnant lymph.Anti-cellulite massage is a safe and a good solution in the fight against cellulite, helping many women.In combination with other modern methods of treatment becomes more effective method.

Deep massage - this type of procedure for temporarily removing unwanted pockets of cellulite from certain parts of the body.The least aggressive intervention is precisely a deep massage of the affected areas of cellulite.During the procedure, known as Endermologie, uses massage roller and a vacuum pump.They come for help when lifting and moving of deep fat layers.This ensures a full massage as fibrous connective tissue and subcutaneous fat layer.The combination of these two actions is provided capture and compression fat and improving blood circulation.This procedure will allow you to not only feel but also look good.

use of anti-cellulite massage those of you who do liposuction, can accelerate the healing process and improve the results of the procedure.Massages in the treatment of cellulite are relatively short and can be carried out even during the lunch break.For best results, you have to be subjected to anti-cellulite massage several times a week, for at least 2-3 weeks.


This is a relatively new, but has already proven to be effective way to deal with cellulite.The quickest and most positive effect was observed in the early stage of the problem.In such cases, it takes a few sessions to completely clear of cellulite large surface of the skin.In more advanced stages of cellulite, however, ozone therapy is used in conjunction with massage, mesotherapy and other ways to achieve the ultimate goal.
The mainstay of treatment is the use of medical ozone, which is an ozone-oxygen mixture, which has strong oxidizing properties.In addition, ozone also removes microvascular disorders, and outputs the excess fluid accumulated in the tissues.The treatment improves the overall muscle tone, stimulates blood circulation.Furthermore, ozone has strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immunomodulating action, which makes it widely applicable method in medicine for many diseases.

In cosmetology ozone takes an important role in removing toxins from the body through a variety of procedures.Ozone has a general effect on the body, it promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin and restores the natural properties of the skin to retain moisture, body healthy and refreshing its look.Ozone therapy is very effective in removing and preventing cellulite, it establishes a mechanism for the physical treatment of existing stocks in the body of energy and fat.The procedure is very effective and useful, but must be performed by a qualified technician!

Mesotherapy Mesotherapy is another form of treatment for cellulite.The procedure involves injecting a cocktail of drugs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the subcutaneous layer to break up cellulite.It is used only under medical supervision, it has a number of contraindications.The effect remains only a short time, require additional maintenance in the form of a special diet and exercise.

Traditional recipes

well help to cope with cellulite seaweed wraps.You can use the usual "sea cabbage".In 2 liters of water heated to 60 degrees, put 2 packs of dried "seaweed."Defend 1 hour and then strain through cheesecloth.Then spread the seaweed on the problem areas, and wrap them with polyethylene.Above tie a warm towel or scarf.Lie in a horizontal position for 1 hour.This kind of procedure is very beneficial because "seaweed" contains almost all vitamins and minerals.They promote skin cell renewal and regeneration and slow aging.

mask on her hips: Mix 5 tablespoons of grape juice with 1 teaspoon honey and 2 tsp
nourishing cream.Apply the mask should be on problem areas for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.If you go into the sauna - apply this tool there.Heat will accelerate the effect.

Tonic bust.Pour 1 tablespoon of rosemary 250 ml of boiling water, add 1 tablespoon salt, 2 tablespoons wine vinegar and 1 tablespoon of alcohol.Then swab dipped in a solution, rub the chest and neck.Then put gauze soaked with liquid, on the chest for 5 minutes.This procedure excites the skin, smoothes roughness and stimulates blood circulation.

mask chest.Mix 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of vitamin E and 1 egg.Massage movements spread the mask on the chest.After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

mask abdomen.Stir 1/2 packs of yeast, 4 teaspoons of cream and 4 tablespoons of honey.Apply the mixture on your stomach with stretch marks.Mask nourishes and tightens pores, makes skin more elastic and reduces cellulite.

against stretch marks.Mix 100 ml of aloe juice and olive oil, 10 drops of vitamin E and 5 drops of vitamin A. Place the mixture in a jar.Store in the refrigerator.Twice a day, apply a mask on the areas with stretch marks - thighs, buttocks and breasts.