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How to get rid of the initial stage of cellulite at home?

Someone became naturopath, someone engaged in fitness who - has decided otherwise improve and maintain their health.This is commendable, because at the environment, which we have received today and at the food stalls abound means long remain a strong, beautiful and healthy impossible.

Women Soviet era a little thought about concepts such as stretch marks, cellulite and about and never heard.The modern woman wants to have a perfect appearance.The awareness of her own beauty makes a woman sexy, pleased with herself, so - happy.Terrible word cellulite has long been declassified and found effective ways to combat this "beast."

Not only women, but women are concerned about cellulite.This insidious "scourge of beauty" can occur at a very young age.The sooner reveal his presence, the easier it will get rid of him.So today we'll talk about how to get rid of the initial stage of cellulite at home.

you are 16 and you are sure that cellulite - a lot of overage ladies.But let's see whether there you have it.In p

rinciple, in a prone position or sitting at cellulite you can not detect.The skin in the abdominal area by visual inspection is smooth, elastic.Well, now, try to squeeze a fold of skin with your fingers.She suddenly appear small dimples.These dimples, and it is the first sign of cellulite, its initial stage - the "orange peel".Do not worry, the initial stage of any disease is most easily subjected to correction and treatment.Yes, this is the real disease, which is the beginning, the degree of damage, the symptoms and, accordingly, the methods of treatment.The disease is expressed in violation of the water of fat metabolism.The reasons may be different: it is overweight, and hormonal disruptions, lack of exercise, pregnancy, well, the most important reason - is that you're a woman.Because we all know that men do not suffer from cellulite.

initial stage of cellulite is good that it is possible to successfully fight at home, without the help of professionals.So, now we will decide how to get rid of the initial stage of cellulite at home.In the first place there are a variety of treatments with honey.It peels, masks, rubbing, wraps based on it.Honey is a wonderful decongestant, regenerating, absorbing and nutritious.It is an effective means considered a honey massage.In second place are anti-cellulite massage.These include massages patting, pinching and rubbing, that is manipulated to increase blood flow and outflow of fluid from the tissues.At home, you can also resort to the mechanical or electrical massagers.For example, a wooden massager is able to reach inaccessible places.The skin turns red in front of, thanks to the effects of the massage toxins, expanding the pores.Even more striking effect can be obtained when using Vibro, vacuum massagers, portable electromyostimulator.

Another excellent tool for initial treatment of cellulite body wraps can be called using clay.Clay is beneficial not only to the skin, but also on the whole body.During the procedure, a sauna effect, and due to the heat easier to remove toxins and waste products through the skin, as well as lipids, open pores.Through the pores into the body to penetrate those minerals which are rich in natural clay.For example, white or blue clay can energize the organism with iron, magnesium, potassium, silicon and other substances.For the procedure, you must pharmacies clay mixed with warm water, at the same time should get a creamy mass.To enhance the effect, add a few drops of essential oil of any citrus trees.Then, "sour cream" apply to the area of ​​cellulite and wrap with cling film.Next - "bed rest" for half an hour.After 30 minutes, you need to take a warm shower.But note that all thermal procedures are contraindicated in diseases of the heart, veins and tumors.You can apply both wrap.For him you need a natural apple cider vinegar and water in a ratio of 1: 1.The solution is applied to the skin, after drying wrapped film and the problem areas lie under a blanket.But if you wear underwear and jump, the result will not be slow in coming.On the basis of apple cider vinegar can be prepared cellulite massage emulsion.To this end, in addition to the need vinegar olive oil, which can be replaced with any massage cream.The ingredients are taken in the ratio 3: 1.The mixture is applied to the skin and rub or massage sponge mitt.

beat cellulite in the initial stage will help ordinary bath.But do not forget that the main enemy of cellulite in a bath - a broom, no matter what.Before the bath is desirable to make peeling.The best is peeling on the basis of honey and chopped sea salt.If you have a procedure to align bannuyu cold douche - honor and praise to a bathhouse.A regular trip to the bath will not only get rid of the initial stage of cellulite, but also clean and harden the entire body.

now become fashionable cellulite treatment using coffee.Of course, it is ineffective advanced forms, but in the fight against "orange peel" - the most it.So, dear beauties, never flushed down the toilet coffee grounds.The remains are not only "sweet", but also useful.Caffeine has the ability to stimulate metabolism, and hence accelerate the breakdown of fats.Therefore, it is useful not only inside but also outside.Note in cosmetology have long appeared the series to combat cellulite and obesity based on coffee.What prevents us to apply coffee at home to get rid of "orange peel"?It seems only own laziness or ignorance.Coffee - it is also an excellent gentle exfoliation.And it contains seratonin - "happiness hormone".Even the smell of freshly brewed coffee of excellent quality is able to lift the mood.