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Sports depending on the sign of the zodiac

Before you choose a sport, depending on their needs, to have a huge amount of training to try and visit no fewer kinds of fitness.So, what astrologers say about sports depending on the sign of the zodiac?

elements: fire.Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

destiny of these people spend energy that gives them fire.The best kinds of sports activities - active group work.Thanks to these classes, it is possible to be in excellent physical and psychological form.Stagnation of energy from these signs can lead to bad habits.It is important that physical activity was accompanied by communication.Just so, sports related with meditation, solitude and relaxation can cause depression and frequent headaches.

good idea to involve these kinds of sports such as aerobics, team sports (volleyball, basketball), cycling, roller skating.

elements: earth Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

These people differ enviable health.But often bad habits have a negative effect on his condition and fitness.Signs of the Earth suffer a slower metabo

lism.Help improve walking or skiing (cycling) trips and correction of the diet.It is important to reduce the consumption of simple carbohydrates (sugar, pasta, chocolate, ice cream, bread, sweet products), abuse of which leads to excessive weight and lethargy.

for each sign of the earth element characteristic strength, perseverance, endurance.Because of this, people born under these constellations have many chances to achieve heights in the sport.Astrologers recommend to try his hand at equestrian sports, athletics, figure skating, gymnastics or dance.All sports must have an intensive schedule.

Element: AIR Zodiac Bliznitsa, Libra, Aquarius

physical health of these people is determined by the spiritual state, the tone of which is supported by new acquaintances and ideas.Air representatives have excellent metabolism, which is why very seldom confronted with the problem of excess weight.The weak point - the experience and the stress that entails insomnia and depression.Get enough sleep, giving up coffee and dance classes will remove the emotional stress and protect against nerve troubles.

These people love variety, this also applies to sport.They quickly learn new workout and cool down during repetitive exercise.Therefore, the fitness program should include frequently changing sets of exercises.It can be a variety of kinds of fitness programs, exercise equipment and facilities, which include mental and physical activity (yoga, tai Thi).Appropriate physical activity outdoors (frisbee, badminton, speedminton).

Element: Water Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

People belonging to the water element, feel healthy and sexually attractive, but when they are in the spotlight.This link between emotional and physical condition is a cause of serious mood swings, highly visible PMS and throwing between strict diet and a drinking permissiveness.The best way to stabilize the mental attitude - it is a massage.

For each of these three signs of the zodiac, native element Water and Water Sports (hiking in the pool, water aerobics classes, sailing) - is the best choice.To achieve results in sport for them is very important.It's their incentive to train, thanks to him, they do not allow yourself to relax.In addition to water sports, is well suited biking, skiing or jogging.These sports depending on the sign very effectively train the respiratory system, which is very important for this group.

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