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4 Simple Suggestions for the fitness-lady

1. Choose a workout.

The first thing to do in a fitness club - to determine what workout you are fit, if there are any health problems.Consider the typical options.

varicose veins.

Useful: ergometers with backrest, elliptical trainers, any exercise in the water and swimming, exercise "bike" lying on his back, taking the stairs.

Harmful: any impact load, kicking is not only an obstacle, but a sudden stop (water - an exception).Even the so-called "flight phase" while running and other movements will inevitably ends up landing, that is an additional burden on the veins.Under the ban step aerobics, spinning, running and jumping, kickboxing.

possible: aqua aerobics and core, power group classes in aerobic-dynamic mode, stretching, dancing.


Useful: weight training, they strengthen bone tissue.

Harmful: sharp movements, shock loads (the same as in the varicose veins).

possible: yoga and stretching (but gently, within the pain-free amplitude, pulled up in pain - the load on

the joint is weakened), water aerobics, Pilates in the "pit", t. E. On the floor.

Overweight (usually impressed veins plus osteoarthritis).

Useful: whole "water", elliptical trainers, pilates, stretching, walking.

Harmful: running, jumping, abseiling down the stairs, and then, step aerobics, "flight phase" (see. "Varicose veins").

possible: dancing almost without interruption from the floor, body sculpt, core.

2. dosing load.

What should be the "right" training?To benefit and gone, and without unpleasant consequences.

Up: you aspire to the club, looking forward to the joy (oh, how many slimming ladies going to the club, as citizens cal war!).

During: easily keep pace, if desired, may even accelerate, you feel a little tired.The test of "speaking - singing": everything goes as it should, if you can still talk, but can not sing.(Foaming woman can only groan!) After 3 minutes at the end of the intense, during the "hitch" sokrav1eny heart rate - no more than 120 per minute.

After: satisfaction.(But there is also this: "Honey, I have no hand or foot ... Take me as?")

There are other signs by which one can determine the adequacy of the load in the classroom.

For beginners and slimming.Breathing steady, but rapid, slight redness of the face and slight sweating, precise performance of teams.

For advanced.The average degree of fatigue, periodic deep breaths, some loss of coordination during exercise, pain.

For those who want to harm themselves.Dramatic facial flushing or pale bluish tint to the white nasolabial triangle, a serious loss of coordination.

3. Decide to drink or not to drink.

When power load quickly dehydrates the body.Drink just need right during the workout.The calculation is as follows: about 0.5 liters.for half an hour the liquid medium intensity.

aerobic exercise, we do not drink and sipping - moistened lips and throat.As said Suvorov, hard to learn ... But at the end of "teaching" health drink.How many?Weigh yourself before and after classes, the loss is multiplied by 1.3.The result should be added to the normal daily allowance and drinking for 12-24 hours.Incidentally, in the summer heat Priplyusuet another 0.5 liters.

number. For example, after a lesson tai-bo good intensity you lost about 700 Multiply by 1.3 - turns 910 Throw it to the basic norm - an average of 2.5 liters of fluid a day, including about 1,5 liters of water.On the day of the lesson, your rate will be about 3.4 liters.

quality. Best Drink - non-carbonated mineral mineralization no more than 2 g / l.But just Vodicka excess will not.Any soft drinks, colas, juices, even - off!Not only during training.

4. Go to the bath.

main, what are the similarities and any exercise room - a load on the heart.

most harmful and most widespread myth - like after a hard workout room is particularly useful.On the contrary!After an intensive classes, and even at the end of the day, and even at the end of the working week - a shower and go home.If overloaded muscles, ligaments and joints, the bath is also better to postpone until tomorrow, when there will be pain.Incidentally, in this case, it is best to act contrasts: heat and cold.

Optimum "bath" dose after training - 3-4 five-minute call with breaks of 15 minutes.

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