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From what to wear silver dress?

should also remember that this is only an evening dress and looks good only in artificial light.

silver dress does not fit all.But if you are the owner olive skin, do not hesitate to wear this outfit, he goes and other facial features women: dark blondes, brunettes and those with ashen hair.Good looks on the girls with gray, blue or green eyes.

Although impressive, this dress a little bit hard to understand.Do not choose a silver dress with long sleeves, it is better if it is thin or Britel or no.Due to the open areas of the body it will not strain your eyes.

Dress color of the noble metal is self-sufficient and smart in itself, so do not overload it with unnecessary frills.But just abandon the accessories are not worth it, otherwise your outfit will look dull.The dress can be supplemented with silver ornaments.Putting him platinum jewelry, you will make a real splash.But from yellow gold should be abandoned.Massive bracelet and dark red lipstick will help create a cool image of a vampire.

to a silver dress suitable shoes or boots cool colors such as sapphire and turquoise.Complement the image of jewelery with sapphires and turquoise.But you can wear sapphire shoes and complementing their ornaments with the same stones.This color in itself seemed created for the silver.But if your choice is stopped on the classic black shoes, be sure to supplement their small elegant black clutch.A good solution would be the silver shoes, but the tone is lighter or darker than the dress.At the expense of sandals stylists have controversial opinions.Some say that they are absolutely not appropriate to the silver dress, others say that the shoe is in harmony with it.If you want to wear sandals, analyze, whether it is combined with your dress and manner.If the dress is not too rigorous and open, stop your choice on the closed shoes.Sandals are more suitable for more delicate dresses in a romantic style.They also combined with short dresses, low-cut male pattern (cut-out below the chest).They can be supplemented by a thin silver chain on his wrist.

Although silver as gray is a classic neutral color shades suitable for him, not so much.It is best suited to his cool shades.Blue will make you sublime available special and pink - tender and romantic.It looks nice silver dress and combined with green tones.If you want to impress all, feel free to choose a ruby ​​necklace and ruby ​​color shoes.This royal combination!

With silver dress goes well with dark denim, but not in every way, it would be appropriate.Under a simple dress suit wearing denim jacket on top.And under the short tunic dress you can wear jeans.As you can see

choose accessories to silver dress is not difficult.The main thing - the right way, and remember some rules of style.