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What to wear during the cold season?

But even in winter you can look stylish.Of course, the dimensionless svyazannyybabushkoy sweater - it's warm and good, but unless you are satisfied with this outfit?If not, please sit back and listen to what you can wear this winter.

it better trousers or a skirt?

when frosts hit, all yubochnitsy suddenly forget about them inadenut the warm pants.Well, not yet all covered with snow, you can wear a beautiful and warm skirt.Over the skirt is put in a couple of words.If onadostatochno long, then under it, you can pry some tights and not budetvidno.Especially under it creates an air space which prekrasnoprogrevaetsya.Trousers seem warm, but do not underestimate winter skirt.

Nobody says to wear mini skirts and pencils.They just luchsheotlozhit ummm, if you do not want to chill their private parts.In svobodnyhyubkah warmer.But the autumn version will look weird with boots.

Recommended in winter wear wool and knitted skirts, skirts and sun Godet.This is a wonderful model that combined with boots.

dress winter

Many believe that winter dress to wear well in any way nepoluchitsya.So, it's all nonsense!There are some great options for you kotoryepodoydut.We will be able to wear beautiful dresses in winter and show off peredlyubimym.

very fashionable this season knitted sweater dress or tunic.Ihnuzhno worn with tights or leggings.The length of the dress should not be korochekolena.Otherwise, your buttocks will be visible when you walk.

knitted dress.To be honest, things smotryatsyauzhasno on a hanger.And sometimes we pass such a dress, thinking someone takoevoobsche buy.But on the body, it looks just fine.He sits down on the figure ipodcherkivaet all the charm.So it can be said, the rescue in the cold season.Dopolnittakoe dress can be a brooch or a nice belt.

dress flared.This dress should be knee-deep or nemnogonizhe.Vintage thing.Emphasize the beauty of the dress will invoice collar.

What kind of jacket you choose?

If you have had enough, that is a great option - fur zhiletka.Pomnite when she was "zhiletkomaniya"?In just one season, everyone started wearing mehovyezhiletki.Faux fur is also nice, so do not necessarily vykladyvatmnogo money for the vest.This cape can be worn under a sweater or dress.A dlyaraboty can buy and knitted woolen vest or.

Actually, "Grandma" knitted sweater did not come out ever smody.It's quite true, though an amateur.Many of us in this sviterepohozhi to "zamuhryshku from the village."So if he does not go to you, you should not egonatyagivat.

They have an advantage - they are very warm and warm vmorozy.In addition to these shapeless sweaters, you can buy themed salinity and snowflakes.Although there are many people who do not like such little things.Vyberitedlya themselves classic wool sweater and enjoy the heat.It can be worn with jeans, leggings.This outfit on kazhdyyden that can be worn to work or school.

more interesting option - a cardigan.Long jacket that will warm you.Cardigan perfectly accentuates your figure and mozhnonadevat any trousers and skirts.

warms the neck

very important in the winter to warm your neck.And that will pass poulitse with open neck and all.Then the next day, cough, runny nose, etc. So choose for yourself scarves.

best to choose a scarf under the cloak.If vaskrasny down jacket, scarf is better to take a little black or white.And try zimoyraznoobrazit his colors to make it more pleasant to look at you.

under warm down jacket would look good surround knitted sharfik.Im will be good to close the throat and hide it from frost.By the way, now do not wear scarves on top as it used to fashion.Better zapravitvnutr their jackets.

And what to do when it's cold in the room?You do not budetesidet in scarf and warm neck.And then comes to the aid of a shawl.Better vsegonosit an accessory for dresses and skirts.And then under the pants and jeans he budetsmotretsya strange and Babskii.Shawl can be draped over or turtleneck sweater.

Scarf-palerina - simply irreplaceable thing, if you want to sogretsheyu and shoulders.If you work in an office and you have a business dress code, topalantin will be most welcome in winter.It goes well with a skirt suit ilibryuchnym.Nabroste his shoulders and enjoy the warmth.

Winter Bag

summer we have so many beautiful and cute bags.But zimoypochemu something only one ... That's not right.In the winter time, we also should be neskolkokrasivyh handbags.

There are several myths about the strange winter bag that myrazveem.I'm tired of these stereotypes bored.It's time to show imagination.

bag should be black.That is exactly what many women believe.Chtozimoy it should be dark yin interesting.Try to diversify the winter coloring.You can buy blue boots isumochku.Treat your eyes.

winter, the bag should be large.I wonder why?That naminteresno.Is the winter we wear a lot more things with him?You can togdavzyat suitcase.We believe that against the background of large jackets poteryayutsya.No our bags did not wear a large bag where the bottom rolls wallet and keys?Podbiraytesumku to the size of their belongings.Suitcases swing out.

sumochkuluchshe So what to choose?It should be of high quality: leather or leatherette good can of zamshi.Tkanevye should not be selected in the winter.There are universal bags, kotoryemozhno worn all year round and only winter.Ideas models include handbags laugh knit.It is understood that the bag should be in harmony sobuvyu.It is not necessarily to be the same color.But you know, if your sumkazelenaya and shoes crimson, it will look strange.

So now we know that in the winter you can look fashionable even in stilnoi "grandmother" sweater.