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What dictates street style: the secrets fashionista

Casual on the streets are called casual.Chtodiktuet us this fashion?Casual closely associated with street fashion and it has neskolkopravil and laws that you should know.Stritstayl svoevnutrennee I will express with the help of clothes.Some women find this style slishkomderzkim and neglected.It's quite a controversial issue.After predstavitelnitsamistritstayla are fashionable people and showbiz stars.Many mature lady tozheispolzuyut casual style in their clothes.

Young pays tribute to this style of clothing.He otlichnopodhodit for women who lead an active lifestyle, love to ride narolikah, skateboards, and to dance.Clothing for crazy pastime.Comfort style - this is stritstayl.Street fashion has penetrated into all spheres of zhiznedeyatelnosticheloveka.This style can be seen not only in the streets of the city.Many kompaniiisklyuchili dress-control office.Girls are trying to express in stilekezhual.

Stritstayl world

And what happens in other countries?What they give svoepredpochtenie?For

example, in Japan prefer unisex.Japan stalaosnovopolozhitelem street style.Girls wear loose jeans and zhaketymuzhskogo cut.This is no surprise.

In France, things are different.French women - ladies izyskannyei romantic.They predpochitayutnadevat all feminine.Their way has got romantic-style comfort.They lyubyatnaivnye hats, dresses and skirts.Trousers are very rare.French otdayutpredpochtenie calm shades and do not like acid colors.Adore iplatochki scarves around the neck.

Street style of New York's hard to grasp.Here we gathered lyudiso around the world.So understand street style is simply unrealistic, though interesno.Oni prefer a world fashion, elegant suits and elegant dresses.

But street fashion in England throws a challenge to their restraint.Imnadoela formal wear.Therefore, on the streets you can see British women denim jackets vmalenkom and hoodies.But enough of these guys vsegalstuki and strict suits.

on our streets for a long time women began to use stilkezhual clothing.How to express themselves through clothes?It has prakticheskivesna.It is necessary to pick up a couple of things in street style.

City girl in the streets

Today you will be a simple city girl, kotorayaraduetsya life and does not care about the opinions of others.Your style - easy iprostaya clothes.You can wear a knitted sweater and jeans.

In fact, street style combines various things that seasoned vintage and retro accessories.You will be able to show kakumeete wear and match clothing.Try to wear short shorts with strogimpidzhakom.And decorate your neck a bright scarf.This image complement batilony.Stilkezhual implies a headdress.Be special!

Style SMAD for bold and stylish!

today want to feel saucy girl.Poeksperimentiruyteso their way.With style SMAD you can become bright and bold!It novoeultramodnoe direction that will suit a young girl kotorayauverena confidence.

style clothing SMAD SMAD

appeared not so long ago.He gained a lot of popularity In recent years, among the street fashion.The ideology of style steel street performers, hip-hop groups and rappers.With this style, you will be able to express themselves.On osnoverazlichnyh street style originated "SMAD style".

You must give up all glamorous and problems otdatsyav hand comfort and convenience.Show your essence around.So what veschidolzhny be in your wardrobe?

  • Shorts, preferably denim.Without them it is impossible.They even ultra mogutbyt with short and ragged, with spikes and studs.
  • shirts and T-shirts.Preferably they were parurazmerchikov more like stretched.T-shirts with prints can be ilogotipami.
  • Hoodies, hoodies and jackets bomber.It is a convenient and komfortnayaodezhda that will always be in fashion.
  • Leggings.Fashion they will always be.They perfectly fit a idelayut legs slimmer.
  • Sports pants.This Strand svagstayla.Now they stalidekorirovat strazikami and prints.
  • Jeans (where without them?).

Principles and color style SMAD

whole trick of style to match colors and things dlyasamovyrazheniya.No need to pull over and walk sportivki as "gopnichek srayonchika."Style SMAD offers to be hot and explosive personality.Podbiratstoit colors to your liking.The main of them - it is white, black, yellow, magenta andother.Bright colors are very welcome.Distributed by the color "gold plating".He otlichnosochetaetsya with other colors.

necessary to give due consideration to print.The most fashionable istilny print today that conquered fashionistas - space.He imitiruetfoto galaxy.It looks very cool.Already, many women have gained sebetolstovki with print.Often now use print "animal."You've probably noticed that the ladies prefer to wear these colors in everyday life.

  • As for shoes.There are no limits.His preference mozhnootdat sneakers, mainly arrowroot.Fashionistas adore sneakers IzabelMarant.They are stylish and trendy, make your legs even more slender.For stilyasvag suit and high heels.They must be bright and sdekorom (pins, chains, etc.).
  • Bags svagstayl - a variety of backpacks, sport bags, clutches pochtalonki.Esli you love, it should be bright "envelopes" with print.
  • It is very important to wear a hat.If you are a girl in stilesvag, make sure you must have a cap with bright prints and nadpisyami.Svag style supposed to be extravagant and unrestrained.Enough ogranichivatsebya.
  • Now let's talk about accessories.Wear ukrasheniyana massive neck and arm.It should be large chains, bracelets and rings.Certainly unforgettable for colorful tights.Add your style, but it does not mean chtonuzhno to dress up like a parrot.Total should be in moderation!

Street fashion will become a stylish and samostoyatelnoydevushkoy.Feel derzkoymodnitsey that throws a challenge standards.Find your true "I".We wish you good luck!

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