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How to choose the right outfit for the New 2014?

2014 - the year of the Blue wooden horse.By vostochnomukalendaryu Year of the Horse begins with 31.01.2014 year and will run until 02.18.2015 year.

  • elements - fire.
  • element - wood.
  • Talisman - a horse.
  • Amulet - Horseshoe.

this year will bring us peace, wisdom, turbulent energy, fiery passion.This year, it is necessary to let the measles, ieraising a family, children, summer cottages, build a house.

Remember prikupitneskolko podkovok for a gift for your loved ones and friends.From the earliest times simvolizirovalaschaste Horseshoe, peace, prosperity in the home and family.Horseshoe hanging happiness naholodilnik a magnet, or by placing a prominent place as a souvenir in vashemdome will be peace and harmony.

This year, we are waiting for these shades like blue, blue, green, brown.Horse - a noble aristocratic animal.Ipoetomu dress you need to choose the appropriate one.It should not be very bright, vulgar, multicolored, brilliant.You have to look elegant, feminine (Christmas tree should be on

e).Perfectly suited costumes, evening dress.Costumes are not dolzhnyimet office look.Dresses, both long and short, but reasonable predelah.V this year is not recommended to complete your silhouette bright, large bizhuteriey.Otdayte prefer gold, silver, pearls, amber and other dragotsennymkamnyam.Only very ask you, do not wear jewelry all at once.Raspredeliteih tasteful.

tips for each sign of the zodiac:


You have to look modest, but tasteful.Dress vklassicheskom style.Do not forget to podcherknutnaryadom your figure.Colours: peachy, golden and blue.


recommend to look tempting, should bytiz gold decoration.Your dress can be blouse, skirt, blouse with shorts, malenkoevechernee dress.


Wear a long evening dress or a blue korichnevogoottenka.This evening you have to show all their femininity.


your sign this evening is recommended to wear something sglubokim neckline.Shades: aqua, pearl color.


Your attire should be with ruffles, lace, frills, folds.Naughty naive silhouette.Colors: purple, blue, pink, gold.


Pick dazzling dress with a bare back or bolshimrazrezom on foot.And forward, lights!Colours: emerald, milk, mocha.


primary emphasis on accessories and jewelry.Vashvecherny style classic.Colors: purple, black, dark blue.


advise you to hit everyone with his outfit in the style of the 50s.Pyshnayayubka with close-fitting bodice.It will be great!Shades: burgundy, cherry, coral color.


This year you can pick up a free-style outfit.Etomozhet be easily dress suit.Colours: emerald, avocado, lime.


Attire should be a warm shade of brown, chocolate, wood, cherry.Dress must be close-fitting neckline with a lot.Nepereborschite with ornaments.


Your image should be light and flying like a fairy.Podberiteplate chiffon or satin.Shades like a fairy tale: turquoise, emerald, pink.


Only in elegant style.Show all her beauty in the dress, emphasize the shape.Colors: light blue, peach, emerald, cream.

Dear women, nerasstraivaytes if your outfit does not fit your zodiakalnomuznaku.The main thing is that you are with the family, beautiful, successful and happy!

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