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Lose weight without harm to health

(True, sounds nice?)
And if in a simple way, it is necessary to accumulate positive emotions and permanently get rid of the negative ones.That's it for this purpose let's go together ... football!

Do not think that we invite you to go to sportkafe and watch the broadcast on TV under the crunch of potato chips and salted nuts.Beer we generally keep quiet.No, we're going to this stadium.Of course, nobody forces you to swear on the blood of allegiance to the local team.It is idolatry - the priority of men.We are only interested in emotions.There is no better way of emotion.Tell me, where else can you plenty poorat not catching at the same time on yourself angry glances?By the way, football can not just scream and whistle, clap your hands, stomp your feet hard, sing songs, jump up from their seats, chanting rechonki, waving his arms ... In general, as you understand, crazy drive you provided!And that does not look like a black sheep among the fans, the memory of some of the nuances and subtleties of behavi
or at the stadium.
not think it necessary to explain to you the rules of football: who does not know about the eleven players in the team and about the replacement, scorecards, penalties, goals, about 2 halves of 45 minutes and extra time after the main.

only thing usually does not know (or remember) the beautiful half of humanity - in the second half, the teams change gate.Oh, how many women got burned on it, heartily enjoying the opposing team a goal under the disapproving glances.But that is not all.Immediately warned: it is better not to take the tickets to fan sector.Of course, if you do not persecute the target to meet a violent 20-year-old fan, because this age group is occupying these places.Therefore, we do not skimp and buy expensive tickets (considered to be the ideal choice VIP-sector) - ache, like losing weight, better comfort.Now about clothes.The role of football fans need to get used to, and therefore, it is necessary to fasten a T-shirt and a cap with the logo of your favorite team, or (for the stable priverzhenits glamor) to tie a scarf certain of color.

If the reluctance to spend money on equipment, you can just get dressed in the "fans '' color.Overseas fans paint the intricate facial make-up, but we have this tradition, thank God, somehow not caught on.The maximum that depict the cheeks, it's the flag of the football club.Oh, not to forget: do not try to bring along to the stadium tune - now it is considered bad form.But flags and banners (large cloth fabric with inscriptions and drawings) are welcome.Rest assured, promahav flag and a half hours, you are not only poraduesh home team, but also great Defined triceps.Separately, it must be said about the "wave."How would you explain this?The audience in turn rise from their seats and sit down again, creating the effect of this on the stadium wave.

very entertaining spectacle, and participation in it - a sacred duty of all without exception.To us it is just at hand, sorry, on the back of the thigh, but it's between us ... And a few useful tips.If you liked replacement players leaving the game, it is necessary to carry out its sea of ​​applause, otherwise - choose whistling and angry clatter.If there are no minor children, the strong expressions of welcome (but not from the mouth of the lady).And finally, if you do not you can spend a couple of hours without food or you need to compensate for the constant chewing adrenaline, then you can take with seeds (after all, so do almost all of the fans).Well, like everything.Although ...
British experts calculated how many calories expended fan while watching a football match.Just do not lose 1145 calories per game!In order to demonstrate this ponaglyadnee say that as much energy leaves 3 hours of continuous sex or 40 minutes of active weight training.

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