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The use of modern disposable diapers

Odnorazovyepodguzniki help to keep the skin dry, insulated and retain urine, stool.They are very close to the body.Child sebyachuvstvuet comfortable day and night.Pediatricians Germany, Sweden and other countries proveliissledovaniya.They showed that the diapers can significantly oslabitaktivnost allocated with a feces enzymes - lipases and proteases, the samymumenshit formation of ammonia.Create a normal flora, reducing the frequency of ityazhesti diaper dermatitis.Given that the contents retained in podguznikehorosho, this reduces the spread of infections.

Using diapers, you can be confident of their safety.Priproizvodstve each component are tested separately, then tested vespodguznik.

How zhepravilno practice the diapers?

need to change them to the extent that they are directly contaminated with feces or become wet.Kakpokazyvaet practice, babies may stain about 10 diapers a day.Chemstarshe baby, change the diaper become less frequent.Srednyayachastota 4-6 times per day.


when diapers should be changed:

  • Neposredstvennopered sleep.After
  • , atakzhe before feeding.
  • after a bowel movement.
  • posleprobuzhdeniya immediately.
  • Pereddlitelnoy walk.

Poryadoksmeny diapers:

  • Rebenkalozhim a safe surface on changing table.
  • Rasstegivaemi unfold the diaper.Buttocks raise a child, holding the hand nozhki.Drugoy turn off the dirty diaper.
  • If rebenokisprazhnilsya, the higher we raise the buttocks and the other hand with a clean part pomoschyuotnositelno used diaper to wipe feces dvizheniemvniz.
  • Vlazhnoysalfetkoy wipe the child's buttocks and crotch downward.You can not voditsalfetkoy back and forth, because bacteria from the intestines can get voblast external genitals and urinary tract.
  • Suhoypelenkoy blot the moisture on the skin of the baby.
  • Zatempodlozhite clean diaper under the baby, and lower legs.
  • Zakrepiteego using fasteners sticky.
  • Ispolzovannyypodguznik immediately roll and throw it in the trash.
  • Wash rukis soap.

Kakpravilno choose the size of the diaper?

Razmeryodnorazovyh diapers may be slightly different from each other.It depends otfirmy producer.The most common such relations:

  • mini: for children weighing from 3 to 6 kg
  • midi from AR4 9 kg
  • maxi from 9do 18 kg
  • junior from 12do 25 kg.

But even so you need an individual approach to the choice, to choose not only by weight.Esliroditeley worried that the skin often becomes wet diapers can poprobovatvzyat larger.

Kakpravilno size diaper?

Suschestvuyutopredelennye criteria for determining the size of a disposable diaper.For etogomolodaya mother should take into account some characteristics of the child.First of all, etopodvizhnost baby, his food and drinking regime of the day, the age.Very important ikonstitutsiya child (functional and structural features).

Many Mamyn can determine which diapers still should choose for the baby, poetomuhotim to offer manufacturers approved by pediatricians:

  • Pampers
  • Bella Happy
  • Huggies
  • Libero
  • Fixees
  • Helen Harper
  • Molfix.

Hranitodnorazovye diapers must be in a dry and cool place.High humidity in the room may not favorably affect navlagopogloschayuschem material diapers.Do not store them in the bathroom, kitchen, pantry in the basement.Buying a package with diapers, be sure to look at the production time.Do not buy diapers vsomnitelnyh places: with hands, in the bazaars, in the transitions ... After all, your baby's health vyborazavisit.Substandard products may affect narebenke.

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