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Fashion for little fat women

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Fashion for little fat women dark colors visually reduce the volume.Suitable dress with 3/4 sleeves and a dress with a deep V-neck.A passing man can not take his eyes off slender legs wearing shoes with heels.You need to wear tights as thick tights visually full legs.

women with shapes fit blouse with a V-neck on a black background which are large roses.And not only the roses decorate your clothes.Be creative in the style of folk and you compared to other women will look very attractive.

Fashion for little fat women long skirt with 8 wedges accentuate the contours of the silhouette.To do this it must have a bottom shape flounces, walking will sway fitting shape, and the top should be narrowed.This skirt will give a slender figure.Legs visually seem longer than it really is.For a long denim skirt suit jacket that closes rounded hips.

hide figure flaws flying light tunic.It is ideal for evening gatherings and as a dress.Lightweight fabric with a lower beveled edge can hide figure flaws and struychatye trousers with a tunic vis

ually lengthen legs.Designers for "donuts" offer cutting denim jacket that will cover broad hips and light flying skirt with ruffles little below the knee.

Fashion for little fat women woman leading an active lifestyle, fit a combination of sportiness with elegance.Jeans will look good with a jacket, a blouse or fashionable with a light skirt and vest.The woman will look elegant in a knitted pullover with V-neck to his chest.Cut can be decorated with beads, lace can be made of silk ribbons, lace or crocheted.

own style - the key to a great look.Your wardrobe should consist of several pairs of trousers, pullovers and jackets so that they are suitable for you, hide your fullness and create elegant style.With this wardrobe you can go at any time, on a business trip or traveling with your loved one.Do not forget about the long vest.He will be able to visually reduce the breast.Tips

full women

  • tight pants with low waist will not make your feminine figure;Fashion for little fat women
  • clothes should be with a plunging neckline;
  • fit sporty style when combined with the classic jeans vest, they will make you much younger;
  • full neck can be hidden, it can be done with scarves;
  • if large breasts, it is important to choose the right bra.He should lift the breast and to clearly separate line the chest and the waist line;
  • if you have full hips, you can wear slacks or loose blouse with slits on the sides;
  • miniskirt should not be in your wardrobe.In such a skirt, you'll look like a square;
  • in a long dress, you will look elegant;Fashion for little fat women
  • with your hands full contraindicated dresses with short sleeves or sleeveless;
  • pattern on the fabric must be either mid-size or be close;
  • if the face is very round and you have a double chin, then you will approach the long earrings;
  • pay attention to the large-sized bag with a strap over the shoulder of a rectangular or square;
  • avoid sharp contrasts between the bottom and the top of clothing;
  • under jeans wear shoes on a small heel.Heel visually make your figure slim and increase growth.

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