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From what to wear purple boots?

classical approach

Podiums from real life very far, but who want to impress others with their purple slippers or boots abound.This rather cool color can attract the attention of not less than bright red or orange.But purple shoes must correctly choose the appropriate items of clothing, so that eventually turned out a single ensemble.What is shades clothing and accessories can come to purple boots?

Naturally, always suited to the purple violet.This is the easiest and best choice.But do not abuse this color, because the image can become absurd, boring and monotonous.For example, if you are in a purple knitted tunic, it is necessary to pick up accessories, color contrasting with it.Bag, hat or gloves may well be chocolate, black or gray color with metallic sheen.In addition, we need the appropriate jewelry: in this version looks equally good gold and silver.Also, almost all gems (also artificial products imitating them) are perfectly combined with purple.In addition to direct

purple, such boots fit

black suit or dress.In general, black is best combined with purple, whether tights, stockings and jewelery.It is also appropriate to wear purple boots in blue.This is easily seen by looking at the table combinations of colors: blue on the first place for him are crimson, all shades of pink, and only at the end - all other colors.

little creativity

for fans to dress the cast and creative rules do not write.Here are allowed the most unusual combinations: white or yellow stockings, a poisonous green mini-skirt, trousers or with a bright orange jacket.Particularly notable in this case will be purple boots with lacquered surface.

Dress creatively, however, also need to be able to.To always look impressive, but not clowny funny, pick the costume details and related accessories so that they are in the same tone, even if they are different in color.Then everything will look harmonious.Do not be afraid to dream, be confident in yourself - then a good mood will not spoil any mistake in your suit.