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Tattoos for girls

What patterns can be called the most fashionable tattoo?If fashion trends in other areas of life change quite often, the world of tattoos has established an image that does not lose its popularity for many years.

So trendy tattoo is, above all, the ability of man to express what he feels or add itself what it lacks.That is why stuffing tattoo, you need to remember that it must be right for you.After all, this image will remain on the body for a lifetime.So choosing a picture, you have to think hundred times, whether it is your feelings and attitude.For example, the very fashionable are tattoos that symbolize a loved one.Some stuffed with names of their second halves, and someone asks you to create a tattoo with the symbolic date or number of dating.Generally, people like to do tattoos that symbolize something.For example, those who are proud of their profession often stuffed marks on the body, which are a symbol of the work performed by people.

Artistic styles

from the last century came to us fash

ion colorful tattoos that are created in the Japanese and Chinese style.These drawings are highly complex and detailed.This tattoo without exaggeration be called a work of art.

also still very popular are the neo-Gothic tattoos, which are often used by representatives of informal subcultures.The chanting of love, death and anarchy - these are the main reasons for this type of tattoo.More

do not forget about such an interesting and beautiful genre of fine arts as biomechanics.Tattoos in this style are very popular.However, it is not surprising, because the image and the mechanisms of living organisms, which are a whole seem very trivial.If the tattoo is detailed in this style, it claims to be the work of art as well as the image in the Japanese and Chinese style.

More on the bodies of many boys and girls can see a variety of Celtic drawings and Polynesian designs that carry certain information originally adorning the bodies of their hosts.

recently appeared another style that is called - new.The peculiarity of this style is that it is very bright and colorful.Such tattoos are sounding direct young people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.Images of the new style are the heroes of cartoons and comics, as well as a variety of graffiti.

Tattoos related to events

must say that at different times at the peak of popularity out certain tattoos related to some event, popular movies, books, and so on.For example, after the beloved film "From Dusk Till Dawn" was asked to decorate many of the same tattoo as the one that wore on the hand Seth Gekko character famous actor George Clooney.And after the operation "Desert Storm", many Americans are portrayed in the parts of their eating Flag of the United States and the eagle, which held in its claws Saddam Hussein.

femininity and brutality

It is worth noting that women's and men's tattoos have always differed significantly.The most popular tattoos for women are vegetable and floral elements, images, symbolizing love, femininity and romance.But men prefer those tattoos that accentuate their boldness, strength and determination.That is why even some trendy tattoos are a biker.Tattoo with the image of a motorcycle and the other attributes of bikers make the body more beautiful and courageous men.