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What kind of clothes to choose for office

What kind of clothes to choose for the office?

in working conditions appropriate elegant dresses, blouses and jackets and even knee-length shorts.When choosing business clothes girls should avoid bold cuts and cuts, mini skirts and cleavage.

can use a variety of colors.Business fashion clothing for women can be not only a brown, gray or black.Admitted dull shades.Appropriate green, blue, white, beige, cherry, and other colors.In addition, women's clothing business should not only be self-colored, it is possible to use several colors, as long as the combination of colors was not called.

Fashion 2012 offers interesting solutions for women who emphasize their individuality, to help look spectacular and it does not violate the scope of business etiquette.This year, for the office style of dress can combine contrasting colors, it is not necessary to avoid the combination of black and white.This season, in detail welcome femininity.

Business suits different cut and graceful flowing silhouette, this dr

ess will be comfortable in the office, at a party.Some designers are advised not to neglect trousers with arrows and baggy jacket with wide shoulders.Actual wear a classic jacket with trousers narrowed.The priority remains the pencil skirt, which is complemented by a jacket with an open neck blouse with a V-neck.For self-confident and courageous women skirt offers bright costumes that are decorated with abstract motifs.

In 2012, the very popular small classic dress of turquoise, purple, dark blue, black, and even orange that complemented stylish scarf, leather strap and matching dresses chosen accessories.Many designers offer knitted dress with long sleeves, which are made in brown, black and pastel colors.It is not necessary to wear only plain dress - dress suit, which are decorated with floral patterns and fine embroidery, and they look elegant and attractive.

individuality and elegance can be given along with accessories.In 2012, dominated bracelets, large beads, watches, bags with large parts, stoles and scarves, ties, belts and straps of different widths and different colors.For the office will be relevant pumps pastel and black, low-heeled boots, ankle boots stilettos.

Finally, add that to the office to pick up the clothes you need, so that she let stand out from the mass of office workers and at the same time was varied.

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