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Safari clothing

safari style - dress

Feminine, easy and free way unthinkable without skirts, sundresses, dresses, jackets.Woman in safari style dress looks very sexy.It is this dress makes men's hearts beat and turn around after.A wide leather belt, even in the presence of lightning chase and shnurovok not spoil the image.For daily summer ensemble is a wonderful option long dress or dress with a pattern of color skins of wild cats and sleeveless.

safari style - jackets

main thing in safari style is jacket.It is strictly sits on a figure, his horn buttons made of light fabric, valves and binding pockets.Colours - khaki, beige or sand-colored hot fits all fashionable women, regardless of age and build.This jacket fits well all the right curves and hides imperfections in shape.The jacket can be worn with all things business wardrobe with a dress-holster, jeans, a white shirt.But stylists advise not limited to a single jacket.The jacket with a pencil skirt, designed in the same style, will be an excellent match fo

r the office everyday.In the clothing style safari combines self-confidence and a certain carelessness, which is expressed in a bit tucked sleeves.

Accessories safari style

secret of success of this style the right accessories, without which it can not do:

  • accessories - belts with buckles, soft hat with leather straps.Wide rough narrow braided belts or straps with large buckles, laces, bright silk scarves, pendants, beads, leather, bone, wood, bracelets and huge floor-face points.
  • footwear - sandals with wide straps and buckles, "gladiator" sandals, high boots.Fine braided sandals, high summer boots, sandals, wedges or cork platform.
  • bags made of cloth, suede or leather, with straps and metal buckles.Bags of all colors of nature, such as a basket or a knapsack.

image in safari style for women - is a minimal makeup in natural beige and golden tones.Currently, fashion does not put restrictions, all is possible.And so the safari style expresses the spirit of modernity and freedom, is a style of vacation and travel.With this style, you can experiment, it will only add to the image of the female personality and appeal.

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