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How to choose a club clothes

clothes, in addition to what should be beautiful, you should go and be comfortable.If you have to move a lot on foot, you should not wear such clothes club as a skirt, step width which is equal to 2.5 cm. It is also for the club should not be too warm, so as not to interfere with active fun on the dance floor.

Hide flaws show dignity.
Attire should emphasize your strengths.If you have a large form, it is better not to get involved in bandages and dresses, miniskirts, and to opt for silk tunics and leggings.Or feel free to wear a belt to emphasize the waist, or a short skirt to show off long slender legs.Choose clothing is easy, just need to really be aware of what you are and what is best not to wear.

issue price.
Things may not be expensive, but look at this should be stylish.Avoid counterfeits of well-known brands - this applies to both clothing and accessories.It is best to wear a dress without any personalization and supplement it with touches of decent brands and invest in a go

od pair of shoes.

colors and accessories.
Remember that bright colors look more advantageous.If you still prefer darker shades, try to choose things unusual cut, with shiny or bright elements.Do not forget about accessories, because they make your outfit unique and distinguish you from the crowd.Bright contrasting shoes or sandals with heels, voluminous hair clips and of course bags - that's the most important part, without which your image will not be completed.Jewelry, especially massive and well-chosen, will make even the most laconic interesting outfit.It is better to give preference bright jewelry - diamond earrings stud man at the entrance still can not make out.

policy establishment.
Try to fit the politics of the place where you are going.Somewhere without problems start up in jeans, boots, Cossacks, plaid shirt and disheveled hair, and somewhere even have to put in the cold short silk dress and open shoes and have a perfect curls.Here, however, there is a downside - even if you are financially able to overpower and stylistically in his dress things from the latest designer collections you because of these same things may not be allowed - if you do not fit into the overall concept of the institution.Your appearance should always be neat, even if you go on the underground party.Accuracy - an indicator of self-respect and the place in which you came.

Do not put on a better all at once, the more that your idea of ​​the best do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the people standing at the entrance to the club.Remember that one or two bright accents enough to create a memorable image and does not look like a Christmas tree.

Think about what clothes to choose the top, if the street is not the month of May.Ideal for all seasons - a stylish leather jacket, even in the winter, of course, have it a little frostbitten.The solution may be a fur vest, put on a dress with long sleeves, or on top of the same jacket.Also a good option - a short coat of bright color.

Now a closer look at where to go and how you need to look at this.

  1. you enjoy luxurious surroundings, nice people around and the atmosphere chic.In such places, you can feel comfortable, if you expensive dress or elegant full skirt with a corset or topom.No less important article of clothing for the passage of such places are also your shoes and handbag.That bag, as it is not necessary to bring sack-shopper with which you go to work or school.Ideal - clutch or small bag on a long strap or chain.
  2. you like to have fun with friends or a young man, drink and dance, and you are sure to choose a place with loud popular music and a relaxed casual atmosphere.Face control in clubs such as the rule, not very meticulously examines incoming, as long as guests were not pretty at shofe and that dressed were still for a hike in the restaurant at night, but not for a trip out of town.So there can be any attire: dress again, or trendy jeans combined with silk or topom tunic jacket with rolled-up sleeves, worn on the shirt with a funny inscription or print and high heel shoes.
  3. you - a music lover, appreciate a good dance music and go to clubs to enjoy the sets of famous DJs and dance their hearts' content.In such places people come primarily for your favorite music and dance.Nevertheless, the appearance here, too, is not in last place.White T-shirt, loose skirt floor, bright massive earrings and a small shoulder bag - simple and elegant ensemble which is ideally suited for sites of this kind.Suit and Jeans, where the same without them.Narrow or wide returned to fashion, flare from the knee, combined with a shirt or blouse, gathered at the waist wide belt.
  4. you - bohemian character is important to you, first of all, the music and the merger in the spiritual ecstasy with the people around you.It looks can be as relaxed.Shoes in this case can even be flat shoes.Or you can wear ballet flats, combined with a long skirt or pants, trousers made of light fabric.Even in this kind of institution would be appropriate and bright leggings worn with a jacket or trousers with a long shirt.Style "flower children" are also welcome: long dresses, Baubles, bandages on his head and displacement bags, including textile will be very handy.

course, many places, and even arrange different theme parties with pre-specified dress code, but in this case the problem of choosing the dress should not be.Finally
we want to give one more advice regarding not so much the choice of clothes, and your interaction with it.Your outfit dictates your behavior pattern, and therefore, being dressed in an evening dress to the floor and sheltered fur boas, silly will dance on the bar, and put pressure on the heels of a Louboutin glasses of other visitors.

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